does this pattern come as a complete kit? it so what would the total price be including shipping and handeling?
Posted by: tt.rose on 08/28/16
This pattern does not come as a "kit." HOWEVER, there is a supply list and you can purchase all the supplies at the same time. Don't forget to buy needles, if you need them.

I am not an Employee of ECS. I am a stitcher giving a helpful hint.

If you need specific information contact Customer Service tomorrow morning.
by: NANCYE G on 08/28/16

This is just a counted cross stitch pattern so any supplies that you need will need to be purchased separately. As Nancye stated in her post, the supplies, such as the floss and the fabric are listed on our website for this design. So, if you choose, you can purchase the pattern, the floss and the fabric all at the same time and once the order is placed, we will gather everything up and get it shipped out to you. It will not come as a pre-packaged kit though. To find out how much everything would cost, just put all of the items in your shopping cart to get the total cost of the items. We do not have a set cost for shipping, our shipping costs are determined by what's in your shopping cart. So, once the items are there, you can just enter in your address and then the next screen will give you your shipping options along with the pricing. If you choose not to proceed with ordering, just empty your shopping cart from there. Hope this helps :)

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 08/29/16