Floss colors
I see that I could order the required floss when purchasing the pattern, but does the pattern include the list of required floss? Does it include a list so I may purchase the required colored floss myself and/or use what I currently have?

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Posted by: kgrayson on 10/01/16
There is a supply list included as part of the pattern. There is also a page that lists how many stitches of each color you will be making. You will love using an Artecy pattern. Lots of pages makes identifying the symbols very easy.

Not an employee of ECS. Just a stitcher who happens to know the answer to your question.
by: NANCYE G on 10/01/16
Thank you, I've done so many kits over the years I couldn't imagine one that didn't include a floss list, but this is the first time I've ordered from this website.
by: kgrayson on 10/01/16
This website has an excellent customer service dept. Keep in mind that Everything Cross Stitch is usually closed on weekends but Kristi who usually monitors this chatboard and works at ECS will see your message. I,m not an employee but one of the stitchers who saw your chat.
by: Bermuda on 10/01/16
Hi kgrayson,

This is our design.

Each Artecy pattern comes with:
A colour image of the representation of the completed design,
Instructions for putting your pattern together and completing it,
The black and white symbol chart,
A list to show you which DMC cotton colour to use with each symbol,
and a usage summary page to show you how much cotton is needed for each colour.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Thanks and Best Wishes
Tereena Clarke
Artecy Cross Stitch
by: artecy on 10/01/16