Does anyone know what brand of floss is listed in the materials section of this pattern? Did I miss seeing it? It is expensive, so I know it is not DMC or Anchor.
Posted by: Barb on 10/22/16
Barb, It looks like a mix of Gentle Art floss and Weeks Dye Works according to the prices listed. Cute pattern....
by: maubennett on 10/22/16
Hi Barb, I stitched this pattern a while back and I believe that I used the specialty threads per the instructions but a suggestion to reduce the expense would be to change out the threads to DMC floss. Go to "cyberstitchers.com" and tap on "stitching tools" heading where they have floss conversion charts you can use to convert the specialty flosses to DMC floss. Please keep in mind that when you convert the floss colors you might not get Exactly the same coloration of chart model but I personally don't think that the difference is that drastic; that's my personal opinion, please do not hog-tie me and put an "ASFS" (anti-specialty floss stitcher) brand on my hip...
It is a cute pattern- and was fun to stitch. Have it hanging in my home at this time! Have Fun,

Oh... I'm not an Everything Cross Stitch employee; just on of the stitchers on this "chat"!
by: Bermuda on 10/22/16
Bermuda and all...

I am currently stitching a pattern for my daughter that suggested using the special overdyed flosses from both Weeks Dye Works (no problem, I have all of those), as well as both DMC and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. So, being on my senior tight budget, I wemt to cyberstitchers and got the DMC conversion for the GAST threads. Guess what? Not even close most of the GAST colors. The whole thimg is ugly...too dark, too.bland, etc., etc., etc.
Now I face my fear...do I sigh and frog it all, at the risk of the fabric altered by my pulling/pushing/carefully cutting, or do I shrug it off looking bad (not representative of my work) and gift it anyway? Do I just put it in the garbage, get the pricier floss and begin again? Do I hate my baby, who is 40 and unlikely to.weep if she doesn't get this by Christmas? It really is a LOT of frogging and I can save the medium priced fabric for other that I own and save the smaller pieces for small projects or ornaments. What do I do, dear ones?
Clueless in the Redwoods,
by: Su Pitt on 10/24/16

If it were me, and I'm unhappy with it, I'd start all over with the correct threads, especially if your daughter won't mind getting it after Christmas.

I too have a project I've worked on for hours and hours, and I don't like the way it looks. I really want to make this picture, but right now, it has been tucked away in my closet for nine months. It's the same thing: do I just pick it up and keep going, hoping it will start looking better; or do I spend a lot of time frogging it all out and fixing it; or do I just get another clean piece of cloth and start all over.

For now, I'm avoiding it and doing other projects. But I'm leaning towards starting all over.

by: arottenbucher on 10/24/16
Thanks to all of you who made suggestions! This is a really good chat site (in my opinion). I did not expect to get such detailed advice from so many stitchers!
by: Barb on 10/24/16
Sue, I agree with arottenbucher. I would throw the project in the trash and start from the beginning with the speciality threads if it turned out that dismal with the DMC. Your statement as to how it looks using the DMC floss makes me think then I'm pretty sure I did mine with the aweeks and Sampler threads because my finished project looks like the sample of it.
If the expense is stopping Barb, then a good suggestion would be to buy the Weeks and Sampler specialty flosses a few at a time i.e. 2 skeins a week. Then hold off starting the project for a few weeks till you have a majority of the major skein colors that are needed.
by: Bermuda on 10/24/16
do u have the pattern?let me try to make it, with the dmc colors on 10 mess plastic canvas.did u make it yet is it a back round color look on dir it came with it might tell u what type of threads to use
by: dls124 on 10/24/16
u can try makeng it on 10 mess plastic canvas first
by: dls124 on 10/24/16