DMC Floss colors
I've just finished stitching a pattern from a 1992 copy of "For the Love of Cross Stitch" and when I started the backstitching, I questioned their "Dark Golden Brown" color. Looked it up on the DMC list and 370 is listed as "MD Mustard". Looked some more and found "Dark Golden Brown" is 975 on the DMC list. I did notice that there's a notation at the bottom of the DMC list that says companies sometimes rename the colors but there's no way that mustard color could be dark golden brown! So - my question is: Does anyone know if the DMC color numbers have changed since 1992? I may have done the whole picture in all the wrong colors! It's a goldfish of many colors so I didn't suspect anything until the backstitching.
Posted by: Senior Stitcher on 01/15/17
DMC has changed some of their colors. I have a few colors from my mother that do not match with the color chart now.
by: rosemiller09 on 01/16/17

Designers actually change the names of the floss colors for their designs. Sometimes they keep the original DMC name that is given to that number by DMC but majority of the time, the designers will change the names of the colors to fit what they like. So what DMC would call "mustard - medium", a designer may call it "golden brown" or "amber gold". It's whatever they choose to use. That's why it's always best to stitch with the actual DMC number that's given on the chart and stick with that. Hope this information helps :)

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 01/16/17
Oh nooooooooo!!! I have some patterns from beyond 1992 I picked up at garage sales etc. I prefer DMC threads, so now If and when I get around to stitching them I'm sure now that the color names have more than likely changed. Guess I'll have to choose/use what I feel comes close--no one will know but me, unless another stitcher may have completed the same pattern when the "colors" were available.
by: dave001 on 01/16/17
Thank you, rosemiller09. I guessed that maybe some colors had changed and you confirmed that.

Kristi: The mustard color that was supposed to be used in the backstitching just disappeared when I used it on the gills, etc. of the fish. The actual golden brown (a different DMC number) would have been a much better choice. However, around the outside of the fish, it barely shows as the whole thing is done on black Aida cloth. I tried both of the above-mentioned colors and decided on black for the back-stitching within the fish and I'm thinking I'll just leave the outside as is. Thank you for your comments.

dave001: Don't be afraid to try those old patterns - just check the color numbers to make sure that they suit whatever you're stitching. Trees should be green, skies should be blue, etc. I prefer DMC too and this was the first time I've disagreed with the number. I think you're right to choose what "comes close". Only all of you will know that I chose black instead of MD Mustard! Ha! Thanks for your comments too.
by: Senior Stitcher on 01/16/17
It's happened to me as well, Senior. It was a couple of years ago and I don't recall the color. It made me realize that all this stockpiling is no good. Whenever I order a pattern, I also order the floss instead of relying on what's in my stash. I'd hate to begin a sizable project and realize that the colors have changed and I can't finish. DMC's dye lots also change, that happened to me twice.
I think it's 3371, a very dark brown, that lends itself nicely to backstitching not quite as stark a contrast as black. I'll check and let you know.
by: Texas Stitcher on 01/16/17
Texas - I agree with you on backstitching in 3371 instead of black 310. It is much softer and I think looks much nicer - not quite so drastic. There are still some places you have to use the black but when I can I use the 3371. I don't stockpile my DMC threads anymore as I have been stung a couple times using from my stash to find out when I ran out that the newer color (same number) doesn't match. When I am making a cover all especially I always buy all new threads - that way I know they will match. And if I am in doubt that one skien will be enough I always order a second just in case. Take care my friend,
by: clpatt123 on 01/16/17
Question: Would you use the 3371 on black Aida Cloth? Still haven't done anything around the edges of the fish.
by: Senior Stitcher on 01/16/17
Senior stitcher thanks for your comments. That's what so enjoyable about this site and in particular the chit chat feature. Being "miles apart" will still can visit and have a conversation. A BIG THANKS TO ECS too.
by: dave001 on 01/17/17
Ordering "fresh" needed floss with pattern/kit is best way to go. In fact I prefer to order floss seperatly when ordering a kit--most kits never have enough floss, especially if you make an oops, like I do often. besides ECS turns orders around quickly so can get started stitching that pattern/kit. And I get the most stitches I can from the length of floss. Hate waste!!!!!!!
by: dave001 on 01/17/17
Dave001, I have also been down this road. Several years ago, I picked up an older project which had lots of trees and leaves. I bought some DMC green thread replacements at a local quilt shop here. When I brought them home they did not match at all. What was supposed to be dark green looked "olive color" to me. I realized the "banding" around the thread looked different than the bands I see when I buy floss at a place like Michaels or AC Moore. I asked the owner....I was right the thread was old. So...she did take the threads back....I wound up replacing them at Michaels Arts & Crafts!
by: jerseycrafter on 01/17/17