18 count
Can I change this to a 14 count - how much bigger would the picture be?
Posted by: norman on 02/03/17
First, this is a kit, so the fabric that comes with the kit is 15 x15. According to the description, on 18-count fabric the finished picture will be 11" x 11".
Yes, you could stitch this on 14-count fabric, but your finished picture will be 14 1/4" x 14 1/4".
A way around this would be to buy a piece of 14-count fabric that would give you more fabric for framing and take the 18-count fabric you get in the kit and save it for a smaller project. Some stitchers add 2" extra of fabric to each side to allow for mounting and framing. Personally I add 3 inches to each side to allow for mounting, possibly matting and framing.
I'm not an employee of ECS, but one of the stitchers that saw your "chat".
by: Bermuda on 02/03/17
Thank you for your response. This is very helpful. I do realize it's a kit but am willing to buy 14 count fabric and leave this one for something else. I am currently working on a picture with 18 count and am finding it very small and hard for my eyes. Thanks again.
by: norman on 02/04/17
Your welcome. Just a friendly reminder that if you are ordering your fabric, don't forget to add an extra 2" minimum to EACH side of fabric for enough fabric fot mounting and framing. I personally add 3 inches extra fabric to each side for enough fabric, but many stitchers don't go less than 2 inches on each side.
by: Bermuda on 02/04/17
I will get 3" on each side - I would rather have too much than not enough. Thanks again and have a good Sunday.

by: norman on 02/05/17