This is a beautiful kit. I've almost finished it and am now doing the back stitching and filling in missed stitches. I did discover a couple things on the back stitching I changed--used 553 instead of the paler color on backstitching the blossoms and only used one strand instead of two for the leaves. The bright lt yellow green still shows up nicely. I'm really looking forward to being able to hang it in my living room. I usually use plain black frames on my projects so all the attention is on the picture, not the frame.
Posted by: ruthbrett on 04/12/17
This turned out beautiful Ruth. What nice colors and you did a great job! Hang it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
by: ladyj117 on 04/13/17
One if my all-time favorites. So glad to hear that you did it! Such a beautiful picture!
by: Bluejay on 04/13/17
Oooo! I was feeling old and tired on my 71st birthday! My daughter sent me a big bunch of lilacs in a vase. They took my breath away...and now this! A Master is making me so full of joy!
by: Su Pitt on 04/16/17