Sugar and spice stocking
Does this pattern include the fabric for $19.99?
Posted by: lemondocbob on 08/26/17
This is just for the pattern. Having made stockings for my family and a variety of hangers-on, I have to say that these designs by Sandy Orton for Donna Kooler of Kooler Studios. They should be heirlooms, especially if you had the extras like glass beads of different colors that make then so beautiful. I want to badly to do another one, but I am committed to doing five stockings, all with the Nutcracker theme. I am trying but failing to do smaller patterns. Hope you do this one!
by: Su Pitt on 08/27/17
That is really cute.
by: surt8511 on 08/27/17
I made this year's ago for my Mother. It turned out gorgeous! My Mother cherished it and used it for 20 plus years.
by: Silver needles on 11/19/18