red aida cloth
I am looking for maroon aida cloth. I don't want Christmas red, but something deeper. The picture of the red looks like what I want, but can you tell me if it is traditional Christmas red?
Posted by: Jean001 on 11/14/17
I have old conversion lists matching fabric to DMC threads. One list says the DMC equivalent color is 498 another says its 666. I had this fabric color a long time ago and think I still have some but would have to look hard to find it. My personal recollection of the color was closer to DMC 498. Maybe you should contact customer service here to see if someone could check thread skeins against the fabric package for you.
by: lbcatlovr001 on 11/14/17
There are a number of sellers of aida cloth on Amazon, also, and several offer aida in a number of colors not seen on ECS. I can't speak as to quality, size, etc., as I haven't ordered from any of them, though - so far I've just looked at their offerings and the beautiful colors of cloth!
by: Kerry on 01/12/18
Picture This Plus has a fabric called "Huntress" that might be pretty close to what you're looking for... :)
by: VCESS on 01/12/18
Hi there

I buy sometimes from DMC co. by calling them. telephone no. is 1-800- 275- 4117. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 01/13/18
I would love to have a conversion chart that matches cross stitch fabric color to DMC floss... especially if I have to start ordering my fabric online. It would be helpful and reduce the guessing. I have looked a little online but, haven't found a conversion chart. Any suggestions?
by: xstitcher522 on 01/14/18
Some sellers do offer this "conversion" in their description of the is one...there are others that I have run into by chance. Perhaps we should begin requesting a chart...there might be one "out there", but publishing it was too much bother for the few who requested it. :)
by: VCESS on 01/14/18