Cataract surgery
I am finally going to have cataract surgery on Feb 28th and Mar 7th. I just barely passed the eye test for the renewal of my driver's license this morning. The top line of letters that I had to read was kind of blurry. I finished one cross project this morning. It was on 28 count fabric and was easy to do, because it was on a fabric that I got many years ago at Nordic Needle. I think it was called driftwood. The threads going up and down were white and the threads going across were light brown. So why am I now sort of torturing myself by starting a new project on 36 ct linen? I think the color is summer khaki. Are any of you ladies addicted to cross stitch like I am?
Posted by: bjukniewicz on 01/23/18
I enjoy it as a hobby but I am SO slow at finishing a project. I don't get the time to work on it I would like. We love to see pictures of finished projects and projects in progress as well if you want to post them. Welcome to the chat and good luck on the surgery.
by: Le-Anne on 01/23/18
I had cataract surgery done about 4 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. My eye surgeon took my vision from 20/200 near sighted to 20/40 far sighted which is a huge difference. I don't have to wear glasses only readers when I read or cross stitch. I was amazed when he was able to do that. And the fact that the lenses are implanted my vision won't change as I get older. Hope it all works out for you as well as it did for me.
by: clpatt123 on 01/23/18
Hi bj, You are in for a miracle with the cataract procedure. This is the voice of experience speaking. I had mine done in 2012 with a little month’s time between my two eyes. I know the thought of somebody poking about in your eyes sounds incredibly horrible but you feel nothing and it’s over and done with in about 15 minuets. My first impression was the colours in my flower bed albeit winter at the time. All the houses looked newly painted and that irritating halo around candles and lights is gone forever. Since I was very nervous I was given a calming pill in the outpatients waiting room which helped me. You will be amazed with your new eyesight. After 8 weeks I had my eyes tested and went for readers from +3 to 1.50 and can do the prices on the groceries without.
Please let us know how it goes.
by: Marydenmark on 01/23/18
My husband had TERRIBLE eyesight. When he got up in the morning his glasses were immediately put back on. He had cataract surgery and voila he could not believe the results. Now he just uses cheaters to read the paper and sometimes he doesn't even have to do that. Plus he is a typical male about pain but he said it didn't hurt. (gasp) And yes we are all addicted to the craft. Peace Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 01/27/18
I also am addicted to cross stitch. I was into crocheting but got tired of it. Now that I'm retired I found that cross stitching is so much fun. We moved to a smaller house 5 years ago, so there isn't a lot of housework as before. I had cataract surgery last summer and it was a breeze. So BJ you are doing yourself and your soul a wonderful favor --be happy--and the surgery will be over in no time.
by: maubennett on 01/27/18
Thank You clplatt, Marydenmark, pamelastin1, and mavbennett for the followup and reassurances. I'll be having the surgery at the VA medical center in Fargo, North Dakota. I have a pre-op appointment on Tuesday. It will be a fasting lab. I'll have four post-op appointments after the surgery at the eye clinic. I'm sorry i haven't responded to your e-mail until today.
When I first got a computer I thought great. Now I'll have more contact with my children on the East cost. However i got turned off when my daughter and a friend who lives in New Jersey started sending me Facebook posts. I don't have time to read all those Facebook Posts. I'm lucky to still have a job at the age of 77. my birthday is March 9th while I am home on vacation with my cataract surgeriy. The not being able to bend over for a while after the surgeries is apprehensive. My stitching and the Microsoft Daily challenge take precedence over my computer time. The computer has been valuable for locating charts, cross stitch fabric and a lot of other things though.
by: bjukniewicz on 02/12/18
Good Luck with the operation. I have heard lots of good reports from people who have had the op. Just think of the stitching you will be able to see and do.
by: deirdre on 02/12/18
I’ll bet your glad that you’re finally going to get the cataract surgery done. Wishing you the best on your surgery! 👍🏻
by: Bermuda on 02/12/18
My mother, a chronic complainer, had both eyes with cataracts. After the surgery, she never evr said her visionbwas better, but both my brother and I found she was able to read small print that she used to hand to us to read. My husbanx ws born with 20/200 vision and is very dependent on his glasses. There is nothing he can have done to help him. Even my mom said that the cataract surgery was a breeze!
by: Su Pitt on 02/12/18
If you're concerned about bending over, get a couple of good quality "grabbers"...good ones have magnets...great for dropped needles. The surgery is a snap...they put me out for the first, the second took about 8 min...didn't keep me from being anxious about the first. You have to sort of nuts not to be!!! Its your eyes and cataracts are bad enough without complications! 😊
by: VCESS on 02/12/18