Hazel and Hunter Then and Now
Here is a pic of pups at 8 weeks old and at about 4 months old! Boy have they grown!
Posted by: ladyj117 on 02/08/18
Adorable. They both look great but tri color dogs really grab my heart. I love Hunter's little white paw marks like he just dipped them in partway and noped out. Hazel always looks so studious in the photos like she is assessing the situation, Hunter just looks ready for a good time. Normal boy/girl difference I guess, lol!
by: Le-Anne on 02/08/18
Cute ☺. They look like they are in the awkward, gangly teen stage...lol 😁
by: Nettie on 02/08/18
Cute and beautiful. They have really grown.
by: deirdre on 02/08/18
cannot believe how they have grown. They look like two happy campers. They are very pretty and I bet they keep you busy. Keep sending updates. How large will they be when fully grown?
by: pamelastine11 on 02/10/18
I love seeing dogs go from puppy to teenager to adult. Lots of changes are still ahead! I hope they are a barrel of fun and buckets of love!
by: Su Pitt on 02/11/18
ladyj, what sweet faces! Don't you just get the feeling that they can look right into your very soul!!?? I saw an ad this morning for the Westminster dog show. I always watch it. My favorite last year was a black & white King Charles Springer Spaniel. I love the curls at the "end" of their ears. They look like they had a "really good perm" that is growing out!! I am finishing up First Angel of Light and will be torn between the Olympics (which I love) or the dog show!
by: jerseycrafter on 02/11/18
At the last weigh-in, they both went about 60 lbs and that was at almost six months old. I think Hunter will be just as big if not bigger than big brother Dante who is a 110-pound chocolate lab. Hazel I think will top off at about 80-85 pounds. She is a big girl. My kids say she has a big butt but I like to say she has child or puppy bearing hips, although she won't be baring any puppies.

Yesterday, I was taking a nap (due to a head cold) and Hunter comes up on the couch lays across my legs from the knees know, chewing on a toy. He is too cute!

And yes Jersey Stitcher, I could get lost in Hazel's big, brown puppy dog eyes!
by: ladyj117 on 02/12/18