I am due to be arrested by the cross stitch police!!
Well all has been going well with the wedding sampler until I came to the upper right hand border. Selected the thread and started stitching. Oh dear!! what have I done .....looked at the lower border and discovered I had used the wrong thread for the bottom border and the lower right hand border. The 2 symbols are VERY similar and I used the wrong one. I decided to leave the lower border alone and unpick the right hand border and restitch it. But after looking at it and the work involved - unpicking the back-stitching and cross stitches - decided to leave it alone and stitch the upper right hand border the same - no one will ever know. My fault for not checking and re-checking the symbols and numbers. I plead guilty "me lud" what's my penalty??
Posted by: deirdre on 02/11/18
I think the penalty should be the beach and umbrella drink. Looking at the frogging and even thinking about unpicking the back stitching and cross stitches is penalty enough.
by: xstitcher522 on 02/11/18
We are feeling a bit benevolent after our session at the beach. Might be those umbrella drinks. You will always remember this and laugh. What wedding pattern are you stitching?
by: Su Pitt on 02/11/18
Who is to judge because subconsciously you have put your own personal stamp on a project? That would be my story and I'd stick to it! Going to the beach and having a drink sounds like a good thing to do to "congratulate" yourself on your own creative abilities!!!!
by: jmirz on 02/11/18
Just called the cross stitch. They informed me that they are extremely busy today. The cross stitch judge is cranky and wants a day off. Everyone is being encouraged to throw caution to the wind and use their personal touch to make every piece unique. Stitch all your blue symbols using orange and use chartreuse for the black ones.

I officially declare today a NO FROGGING ALLOWED HOLIDAY!

PLUS, if the sampler is a surprise and someone else did the same thing the two pieces won't be exactly alike.

Deidre --I also declare tomorrow IT'S ALL ABOUT ME DAY. Do something for yourself like go to the horse auction.
by: NANCYE G on 02/11/18
I recently had a project I made so many mistakes on that I finally put it aside! If anybody shoulde be arrested by the cross stitch police it's me. I am glad you posted this though it makes me feel less upset that I made those mistakes because everyone does!!
by: carissalindsey30 on 02/11/18
Everyone's advice was priceless! I'm glad Nancy made the call to give us all peace of mind!! It has been rainy and dreary here all day, so getting lots of stitching done (and loving it!).
by: saintsgal on 02/11/18
I congratulate you for having beaten off the ‘froging’ Temptation to rip-it. Like the others have stated, their isn’t any penalty for your floss color change ingenuity and creativeness. Your favorite cabana-striped beach chair is waiting with a young man waiting patiently with your favorite drink. And, oh look! A coupon for a chart of your choice from the huge counted cross Stitch store 3 blocks down. So head for ‘the beach’ for a little while at least. 🌴
by: Bermuda on 02/11/18
Su it is Diane Arthurs "All Because" a designer I really love. You will become an expert in back stitch when you have finished one of her designs but it never seems a chore to do as you can watch the pattern coming to life as you stitch it. This will be the third one I have done and there are a few more in my stash to do yet. With this one I have decided to do the top border in the correct colour for the flower centres and it should look okay. Here's hoping.
by: deirdre on 02/11/18
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY OF US WOULD BE STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CROSS STITCH JUDGE IF WE ADMITTED TO OUR MISTAKES??????? Unless someone has stitch the same pattern and knows you've made a mistake DON'T confess! No one will know! And if someone does notice and makes a comment remind them that people who think they are "perfect" get knocked off the pedestal they've built for themselves sooner or later!!
by: micolochick on 02/12/18
Many years ago my mother and my 2 aunts used the same pattern to make a stuffed bear pattern for their grandchildren. When the three women were together with the bears they made all of the bears looked different - sizes/shapes, expressions, etc. It was a really funny situation.
by: maubennett on 02/12/18