Not making sense.
I am trying to figure out what size cloth I need for the Welcome design I asked Kristi to see if she could get and the dimensions with the fabric calculator and what I usually do which is add 3 inches to each height and width isn't matching up. The fabric calculator is telling me I need a 19"X20" with 2.45 boarder, because it would be 225 wide by 241 H but when I went to heaven and earth designs they stated the finished project (which is a mini) will be 9"X9 5/8" in which I added 3 inches to and come up with 12" X 13" for fabric size. The numbers just don't make sense. Am I doing this wrong? I am doing this on 16 count Aida instead of 25 count linen is that where the discrepancy is?
Posted by: Nettie on 02/12/18
Nettie: This is what I come up with for 16 count. 225/16 = 14.06 + 6 inches for framing for 20.06 inches x 241/16 = 15.06 + 6 inches for framing for 21.06. You should be just fine with 20 x 21. I think the difference between me and the fabric calculator is that they only used 2.45 to each side for framing. Hope this helps.
by: tlmcdaniel on 02/12/18
I agree with tlmcdaniel’s math results.
On 16 count fabric going ‘over 1’ with 3 inches extra fabric on EACH side, your completed PICTURE will be 14” x 15”
Your fabric needs to be 20” x 21” which includes the 3-inches of fabric on EACH side for mounting and framing.
Because there is ONLY a one-inch difference between the width and height of your Fabric, I urge you to be careful; that you measure the fabric twice and carefully mark a corner of your fabric for the HEIGHT which should be the 21-inches, not the 20-inches.
by: Bermuda on 02/12/18