Anybody Using "Counting Pins" Yet?
Just wondering...I'm waiting on 2 sets...they're small. Lol They are such pretty bling, I couldn't resist! 😉
Posted by: VCESS on 03/10/18
What are they? Karen
by: luvtoxstitch on 03/10/18
What are they?
by: pamelastine11 on 03/11/18
by: Marydenmark on 03/11/18
Counting pins???
by: marym on 03/11/18
Check out
by: janestrickland on 03/11/18
You'll have to let us know how they work! I've never heard of them.
by: saintsgal on 03/11/18
Hi everybody.

I just wonder what the counting pins for and what do U use it for? Many thanks for a reply
by: miss crossstitc on 03/11/18
Like the others what are they? Never heard of them.
by: syagel on 03/12/18
It appears they are used for counting once and use the pins for marking where you start or stop with a color.
by: maubennett on 03/12/18
They are sets of two, sometimes three, tapestry needles that have been dolled up with pearls, faceted beads, metallic findings, and specialty beads. They are used to count, then mark, a grid, or an area for stitching. I've seen some of them attached to each other by ribbon or cord. They are used to count off large areas and mark so you don't have to keep counting over and over again. For borders, or single beads....don't really know how useful they'll be, or all the ways they could be used...I guess we'll teach each other.

They are just fun baubles that I thought I would new and different gadgets.

I bought a set from Amazon --tear-drop pearls and clear, faceted crystals, and a metallic set from & ivy leaves. Now I'm having second thoughts about the metallics being coated so they don't mark fabric...impulse buying because I can't stitch...what a dork!

I've seen them called by different names...thread counters, thread counting pins, counting pins... Just a new bauble, but of course, some stitchers have been doing this with just plain needles for forever! 😊😊
by: VCESS on 03/12/18