Well...here we go! Nor'Easter #3 !!
We have some bad stuff heading our way in South Jersey. This storm will be much milder on us. A little snow...and some rain. (It is raining gently now.) We have family in Massachusetts who are expecting another foot. I cannot believe it. We have family in North Jersey who just got power back Sunday from the last storm. I told my husband that I have had enough. I am even willing to cut grass. He wants that in writing just in case I have a lapse of memory in July!!! Be safe everyone......
Posted by: jerseycrafter on 03/12/18
We have just a dusting in Columbus. Said on the new tonight that ,Erie PA has has 187 inches of snow this season. I can't even imagine
Be safe everything in tbe East.
by: surt8511 on 03/12/18
I guess whoever is in charge of the weather must have decided that the Northeast should get all the snow this year. Honestly, we have had no snow or ice this year. So you guys and gals must have gotten our share. We have already had 70's. Take care and , once again, batten down the hatches, you know the drill. God be with you. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 03/12/18
I talked to friends on Nantucket yesterday, they have been stranded on or off island (no planes, no boats) so many times this winter they have lost track.
All things considered we haven’t had it too bad, mostly wind damage here, and fingers crossed we haven’t lost power all winter.
by: Jaj on 03/12/18
on the news this morning they are saying the storm has an eye and has circulation to it. OMG and here in tennesse we are worrying about a hard freeze tonite, stay warm and dry everyone our thoughts are with you.
by: susieq on 03/13/18
Here we go again!! Keep safe and warm over there. Get out the large pot and start making another batch of chicken soup or what ever else that is hot and comforting that takes your fancy.
by: deirdre on 03/13/18
We are getting hit pretty hard here in northwestern Pennsylvania 30 miles southeast of Erie. I'm supposed to go to a Lenten luncheon today but will wait to see if my roads are plowed by then - 11:30. Big beautiful white flakes are floating down - some with a little more force than others. Hopefully this will be done with the St. Patrick's snowstorm that we always have. I love winter but am so ready now for spring.
by: clpatt123 on 03/14/18
Hi Cheryl, I hope you are doing well! I heard last night on the Weather Channel that Erie, PA has had 187 inches of snow this winter. I almost fell over!!! That is a LOT of snow!!! My sister and brother-in-law spent their work life in Massachusetts. (He was born in Plymouth). When they retired, the year they sold their house, they had 107 inches of snow. We have a picture somewhere of him with the snow blower with two "walls" on either side! He literally "gave" the snow blower to the folks that bought the house. He said "where we are going...I won't need it!!"
by: jerseycrafter on 03/14/18
Hi Jersey - we really got hammered this morning and early afternoon. We have about 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground now - most of it new snow. My husband and I had to go to Erie on Monday and Tuesday this week for appointments and it was absolutely gorgeous - lots of sunshine and clear blue skies. But this morning the wrath came back with a vengeance. I did go out as I had a few errands to run and pick up a few groceries before the Lenten luncheon I went to and I am glad to be home and plan to stay home for a day or two. I picked up a project at the framer's. About 25 years ago our daughter made a cross stitch picture called "Waiting". Don't know if it was a pattern or kit. It shows fire gear standing waiting for the next call. She didn't have the money to frame it nicely and didn't know how to frame it. When we were getting ready to put down the new floors in December I had to take everything out of the rooms and that picture was one. It was dirty and wrinkled over the years so I took it to my framer and he worked wonders. It is absolutely gorgeous. We decided on tan and dark blue matting with a black metal frame. I didn't tell her what I was doing but when we see her the w/end after Easter she will be surprised. While I have been writing this the snow has slowed down and I can actually see across the road. I have shoveled the deck twice today and will probably have to do it once more. Take care and happy stitching to everyone.
by: clpatt123 on 03/14/18
I heard Nor'Easter # 4 is coming on Tuesday which is the first day of spring or supposed to be. I am not sure where it is supposed to hit. Like many of us, I am ready for spring. I have been stitching flip flops and flower patterns just to make myself smile since the weather is falling down on the job!
by: ladyj117 on 03/16/18
Cheryl, What a sweet gesture on your part....to have "Waiting" framed for your daughter. Be sure to let us know her reaction. The mat & frame color sound perfect. I am sure she will really be surprised!!

Ladyj117 - I just can't even get my brain around another Nor'easter. When our weather guy comes on in Philadelphia, the news anchors are all just shaking their heads in disbelief!! It's too soon to tell. Boy oh Boy...I cannot wait for spring! It is 43 here today....with the wind chill it feels like 23. We went out for lunch and I am willing to bet there are probably people in Alaska there aren't as bundled up as we were!! LOL
by: jerseycrafter on 03/16/18