World Traveler by Design Works
This design was made about 10 years ago and is a kit (gift). I will convert to dmc colors. Pattern is on a 24 x18 piece of paper. I will try to cut down to quarters and then blow up. No stitch count, just a size 18" x14" but when I count it, it is over an inch bigger. I will also have to ink over every 10 lines as there is very little difference in the shading. A lot of work to do that should have been done by designer. Has anyone done this one? Done crying for the day!
Posted by: eagle1dw on 03/13/18
I have not done it...just have a suggestion. Make a copy before you cut. I would think the scissor cut line would either cause you to loose a line or make a line hard to read. This way, if that happens, you will have an original to refer back to.

After copying and cutting, you could then try to enlarge.
by: MarzHere on 03/13/18
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CUT THE ORIGINAL PATTERN. Make copies section by section and blow each individual section up. (Keep the original in a safe place in case you need to copy again.) When enlarging each section you can have overlapping pages; just pay attention that you don't stitch the same area twice. Buy fabric that is at least six inches larger in each direction so that you will have room for finishing. If your finished project size is 18 x 14 inches you need fabric that is 24 x 20 inches. OOPS -- just noticed that this is a kit -- make sure that there is enough fabric before you start -- the dimensions you list sound a little skimpy.

Sorry if I sound a little negative. Just don't want you to be disappointed
by: NANCYE G on 03/13/18
Just want to agree with what has already been said. Do Not Cut The Original Pattern!!! I would make at least 2 copies of the pattern before I started. The piece of fabric should be 6 inches larger than the width and 6 inches larger than the length of the pattern so it can be framed. If the kit is 10 years old I wouldn't even use the fabric that came with it. I would get a newer piece of fabric.

Let us know how it goes.

by: syagel on 03/13/18
I agree with the other stitchers. I did find this kit on Amazon. It is really a "cool" design. You could take this pattern to any of the places that do printing Sir Speedy, Staples, your local library and be able to copy this piece in "sizes" that are much easier for you to work with when stitching. Good Luck!!
by: jerseycrafter on 03/14/18