Every Stitch Counts
Sitting on the couch last night I didn't start stitching till 9:30 and only stitched for 1/2 hour. Got most of the outline done around one pair of flip-flops on the pattern. At lunch, today for 45 minutes and finished the backstitching on that pair of flip-flops. One down, five pairs of shoes to finish. I figure every little bit of stitching helps even if it is 1/2 hour here and there. I find it less overwhelming of a task if I do it in small increments and really feel like I get something accomplished at each stitching session. Don't get me wrong -- love those long hours of stitching too but if I can only grab a few moments here and there, that's just as good and productive for me.
Posted by: ladyj117 on 03/13/18
I agree. I sometimes only have enough of a time block to work one strand of one color ... still it makes progress on the whole design. I do love my monthly crafting group though where I actually block off 3 whole hours to chit chat and stitch and see all the fun things everyone else is working on. Somehow being around all that creative energy recharges my own creativeness.
by: adcoresky on 03/13/18
I love winter for 1 reason, I get a lot more time to stitch. We are so busy during the summer I feel like I go thru withdrawals. I stitch whenever I can and it may be only for a 1/2 hour during the news but it is the best 1/2 hour of the day.
by: tspitz on 03/13/18
I am soooo jealous...3 hours to stitch and chitchat! I would never get any stitching done but the social and sharing...my idea of heaven! 😃
by: VCESS on 03/14/18