I soooooo need this!
To add to my teddy bear collection...and my to do list...
Posted by: Jaj on 03/13/18
I could need this too! Mr. Teddy Bear here was a gift to my aunt when Steiff's first teddies were made. Then it moved down to my mom (she was the younger sister), then to my older brother, then to me! He used to escape from my mom's nursery at night. One time he came home without an ear from a fight with a neighborhood tom cat. He sits in a cabinet in our bedroom and sometimes wakes our dogs, since Mr. Bear dislikes cats!
This bear looks like our bear, but I want to stitch just the bear and no girl clothes. He has a black velvet beret and a little bow tie of many colors that fastens on his neck.
by: Su Pitt on 03/13/18
I have done one room teddy bear style. I have old teddies and new teddies and once a year Christmas teddies. In addition, I have cross stitched several teddies. It is funny when someone finds out you like teddies-what do I get her-she likes teddy bears! Love the pattern. To have a Steif teddy would be unreal.
by: pamelastine11 on 03/13/18