See What I Found
I’m talking about the black scissors to the right. My thumbs that I think are quite a normal size don’t always fit into the thumb holes (made for Barbie dolls) found on most pretty scissors and these are perfect. They also have more pointed ends than the others.......those that know me know that I had quite a collection of scissors before I had a proper clean out.....found these from China on eBay.
Posted by: Marydenmark on 03/15/18
Those are pretty.
by: lhogan57 on 03/15/18
I love those sissors my fingers are also to big for all my sissors so could you see if you could find the name of yours so I can try to order some I have no results when ordering any thank for your help
by: shereeberry57 on 04/15/18
Have seen those scissors and wondered how good they were. Normal ones cramp my fingers. I know they have them in JoAnn Fabrics so will check them out next time I am in there. Thanks for the recommendation.
by: syagel on 04/15/18
The orange ones are Fiskars scissors and the black ones are just under embroidery scissors, both from eBay. Because of my location I use eBay in the U.K.
by: Marydenmark on 04/15/18
I have small hands but just enough arthritis in my thumbs so that I can't use standard cross stitch/embroidery scissors because I have a lot of trouble getting my thumb loose. I found a pair of what are called - easy kut spring action scissors on Stoney Creek that work for me. I just checked on ECS site for scissors and they have something somewhat similar but now I can't remember what they are called. The old memory just isn't that steel trap it used to be. But they do have alternatives for those of us with knobby fingers/thumbs.
by: clpatt123 on 04/15/18