Pres-On Mounting Boardsss
Would this be good to use on a cross-stitch project that has a hanger to hang the completed project? Just thought it might hide all the stitching mess on the back.
Posted by: rebrawlings on 03/16/18
If you're talking about a wall hanging, I wouldn't use a press on mounting board.
If you want to hide the mess of stitching on the back, try using some coordinating fabric on the back.
That said, I have done a few projects that had hangers with them and I didn't find a problem with not putting anything on the back.
by: marym on 03/16/18
You know, who's looking at the back? If they're that nosey...or critical...they obviously need "fodder". Let'em have it...right between the eyes! 😊 😨 😊
by: VCESS on 03/16/18
I hide the backsides of my projects by pressing a lightweight fusible interfacing on the back of all my projects. This works great whether you are framing or just hanging a project.

All my projects 11 x 14 or smaller I do myself and use press on mounting boards.
by: syagel on 03/16/18
Thanks everyone! Good ideas.
by: rebrawlings on 03/16/18
I absolutely love the Pres-On Mounting Boards and have used them on many, many projects which hang on my walls. As for the issue of hiding back work - my back work looks just as good as my front work. I cannot stand a messy back on a beautiful cross stitch project. It took many hours to complete the project and I want it to look good front and back. Yes, no one but me can see the back - but I take great satisifaction knowing it looks professional front and back.
by: baypointe5 on 11/08/18
Hey Syagel! Good to see you! I've been thinking about you! Wondered if you still come in here. I just started back here.

You posted the same advice when I was making an afghan 3 years ago. I've been doing it since on projects that wasn't in frames.

Syagel: So with the projects 11x14 & smaller, do you frame after the mounting boards?

So baypointe5: How do you manage for the back to look as good as the front? I have tried and tried, but it never does. It's not very messy, and you can see the front project on the back, but it's still messy. I hide my thread by threading through stitches and try to cut them short, but it still comes out a bit messy.
by: jclifford1 on 11/08/18
The original post is from back in March. ;)
by: lhogan57 on 11/08/18
NO!!!!!!!!!!!! If you put that much time and effort into something why would you
destroy it by using a cheap piece of........! If, of course if you plan on throwing it
away , sure go ahead.
by: maryann8121 on 11/08/18
Had I wanted to post a reply, I would have, back in March. Please stop bringing up an already-answered topic. I truly am very upset at wasting my time. It just turns fun into drudgery.
by: Su Pitt on 11/08/18
Hi Su -- For the first time I am happy to have an old posting come back. I was getting ready to search for information for a couple of small pieces that I stitched and don't want to frame professionally.
by: NANCYE G on 11/09/18