Confetti and more confetti
This pattern has tons of confetti. What is the best way to do it? Stitch the confetti first then the repeating stitches or vice versa? Just trying to find the easiest way to do this. Thanx for your help
Posted by: trykeryder13 on 03/29/18
When I am in a confetti heavy area I use the parking method. Helps me not to miss any of the ninja stitches. If you don't know how to park, there are several useful tutorials on you tube. It took me around three times of trying until I figured out a way of parking that I could manage and I find it really helpful for confetti heavy pieces.
by: t0adp00p on 03/30/18
Isn't confetti stitching different than coveralls? I was under the impression that confetti was random single stitches in the background. Coverall patterns may have one stitch here and one stitch there stitches of a particular color(s) that are easily stitched and then covered over by the dominant floss. In other words -- make one stitch move your floss to the next "one stitch" square and the other stitching covers the area in between. Stitch until finished and then anchor.
by: NANCYE G on 03/30/18
Hummm. I thought confetti stitches were random single stitches and could be located anywhere. Thus they could be part of a coverall (which I think is both when you cover the complete picture and have no cloth/fabric showing and an article of clothing you can wear :-)
by: MarzHere on 03/30/18
Thought of burning because of confetti, NEVER thought of wearing... 😊
by: VCESS on 03/30/18
Out of curiosity, in simple terms, what is Confetti and what is Parking. These are new terms to me although I’ve been cross-stitching for quite awhile now.

Thank You in Advance,

Fondly, Bluejay
by: Bluejay on 03/30/18
When in doubt, YouTube! 😊
by: VCESS on 03/30/18
I guess so! I was just looking for a quick and simple explanation. 😊. I will go YouTube when I have time. Thanks!
by: Bluejay on 03/30/18
Pointing is the simpler explanation... and most complete! 😊
by: VCESS on 03/30/18
Pamelastine11, you replied to this thread yesterday and I found it very helpful. Today, that reply is gone.

I just want to say thank you and I appreciate your input

by: trykeryder13 on 03/30/18
Bluejay -- regarding confetti and parking. Some things do not have a quick and simple explanation. I would never be able to explain in a sentence or two. I doubt if I would understand a written explanation. On the other time sometimes YouTube posters tend to "entertain" rather than "explain" clearly. There are a few on-line shops that have tutorials but I cannot remember which ones..
by: NANCYE G on 03/30/18