Re : precious blessing
I recieved my order the precious blessing and my concerns are the threads , the colors are not properly labeled as to when to use. So now I don't know how to start. Do you have a big pattern of this " precious gift"? I am interested for a big one and please make sure the threads are properly labelled. The size i want is around 19 inches lenght and width. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon..
Posted by: mebarbono on 04/07/18
Good Morning, You have "landed" in a chat room for stitchers. This is not Customer Service! If you click the "Customer Care" tab at the top of this page it will give you several ways to contact them. They are closed on the weekend. As for the would need to lay out the threads according to the color descriptions they give you. I have done this many times and it is "commonplace" for producers of cross stitch. I am a Stitcher in the Chat Room. I hope this helps you. The picture is so sweet!
by: jerseycrafter on 04/07/18
If you own the original pattern, you can take it to a copy shop or office supply store. Ask them to enlarge it for you. It may come out on two or three pages, but it's better than trying to read the really fine print. I've done this, but I live in a smallish town and they know me here. Oh, I understand fully!! Good luck!
by: momcat25 on 04/07/18
Hi there

What U had bought is a kit and it is not just a pattern. The word kit is a package that has everything to do with finishing the cross stitch picture that U had bought. Inside U will find the direction, floss, and fabric and sometimes beads or buttons. For U to have a bigger picture U have to buy another fabric from the site that fit your need. U are not going to have bigger picture else is going to be bigger in size for a bigger frame or a cushion. For U to start Cross stitching is to watch for U to understand all about it. Enjoy

by: miss crossstitc on 04/07/18