Bohin Needles
Based on what I learned from others on this chat, I purchased some Bohin needles and am using one on my current project. I cannot believe how easy it is to thread and how smoothly the stitching goes! My other needles (don't know what they are) are history. I am a true convert. Nothing else for me now!
Posted by: marym on 04/12/18
Is Bohin the brand needle? I don't see anything on this sight for Bohin needles. What makes them special?
by: Marge on 04/12/18
I felt the same way when I first used them. I bought three sizes, 24, 26 & 28. Very smooth stitching.
by: nita7 on 04/12/18
I understand that they also have better eye slots and don't wear/snag the floss as much as other needles.
by: MarzHere on 04/12/18
Welcome to the Bohin Converts Club Mary. May they give you many hours of uncomplicated and happy stitching.
by: Marydenmark on 04/14/18
Count me in as well. I ordered Angel, Lion & Lamb from Heaven and Earth recently. I am working "one over one" on 25 count Laguna. Based on what some of you said, I think Bermuda also, I ordered several sizes. I am finding that this needle moves very "smoothly". I don't feel any "pulling" working one thread. I think they are great!!
by: jerseycrafter on 04/14/18
Love Bohin needles! I also like John James, but hard to find ones that are not gold plated...those are wonderful, except thwy cost more...gotta be all that gold! Have Patricia/Pat's needles but haven't tried yet.

Sometimes, I think that some of us get pretty hung up on what e use, or we want to impress. Until the internet I had never knew that it was possible to bend or break a needle! In 67 years of stitching all manner of things by hand, I have to say perhaps I am not pushing hard enough?
by: Su Pitt on 04/14/18
I am so ready to try a new/different needle. I just finished a stamped pillow case and in the process I bent or broke 3 needles. I am so disappointed. The project turned out beautiful, but the breaking needles was an issue. A piece of the needle, at one point, was missing which was a possible painful experience. I am not sure what I have done differently (I have not had so many needle issues with one project) but I will try Bohin needles and see if things improve.
by: xstitcher522 on 04/14/18