Here is Dante tuckered out from playing frisbee! He will be six on Sunday!
Posted by: ladyj117 on 04/12/18
Happy early Birthday Dante!
by: jmirz on 04/12/18
Happy Birthday Dante! Mabel is pooped from playing ball, she eats frisbees.
by: Jaj on 04/12/18
Happy early Birthday Dante!!! May your birthday be happy and full of dog treats. :)
by: Nettie on 04/12/18
Happy Birthday for Sunday Dante. Hope you get many special treats.
by: deirdre on 04/12/18
Happy Birthday Dante! My besties dog Gizzy loves to play frisbee in the backyard.
by: carissalindsey30 on 04/13/18
I am sure Dante will get spoiled! Maybe a new toy of some sort. Thanks for all his birthday wishes! He is a great dog!
by: ladyj117 on 04/13/18
happy b day Dante. nice smile!
by: susieq on 04/13/18
He is one beautiful boy! And seems totally happy. Is he getting anything for his bday? Roni sends a Happy Birthday. The cats are not speaking to me today, especially because last night I accidentally let Calamity Jane out for about 30 minutes before I noticed. I am in the "doghouse" so to speak. That's the only time she has been out of the house since we brought her in. We don't let our inside cats out. We already have two porch kitties who will only eat kit n caboodle.
by: pamelastine11 on 04/13/18
Happy Birthday Dante! Hope you get to celebrate it your favorite way.
by: NancyV on 04/15/18
Happy Birth Day, Dante! You look tired! We gots to da liddel dawg beech neer us wif our daddeez n our frens. Mama wuz berry upsat cuz her tinkz we playd too mhsh. We toll her to wook at Dante...him wuz pooped n his mama dint mayk nims stop. We fine now. We go play.
Lub frum Sparky and Kung Fu
by: Su Pitt on 04/15/18