I am looking to make this however I want to make it a little larger, more like 24x18 what size cloth would I use? Also would that look ok bigger?
Posted by: heidieckert2006 on 04/15/18
This pattern is already on the large size. You could try stitching it on 11 count; the finished stitched area will be 27.27 x 20 inches. These dimensions refer to the actuals stitching area. You would then have to add six inches in each direction to allow enough fabric for finishing (framing or pillows). If you choose to use 11 count fabric you would need a piece of aida that is 34 x 26 inches. You will probably have to use three plies of floss instead of two. You would need a lot more floss; possibly double what the suggested supplies list indicates.
by: NANCYE G on 04/15/18
Hi there

There is no larger in my opinion than 14 c fabric as the pattern ask for the picture. But U can add more of the fabric in inches as 6 which is going to be empty because the pattern itself is 21 X 16 inches. not 24 X 18. for framing. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 04/15/18
You could use an 11-count aida, or go to an even-weave in a 24 or 22 count and go over two. With a larger count, though, you may have to use 3 threads to get good coverage. Another idea is to cut your fabric large enough to allow for a larger mat area.
by: momcat25 on 04/15/18