Sweet Rememberance
Would someone remind me why I decided to stitch this pattern on 18 count material when I usually stitch on 14 count?? Oh that's right it was because it was going to be a large picture!! Well now I have completed the first 500 stitches and have just started my first "ripping" due to being one stitch off in the latest square. Ah well the path to heaven never did run true. We will get there but it's going to be a long journey and I think many of my other projects will be completed in the progress as I will not be able to work on this one continuously due to the size of the material. It is looking interesting as the colours shade very closely (which is making ripping very slow).
Posted by: deirdre on 04/15/18
One of my good friends has convinced some others to join with her to do a HAED (I think) picture of a wall of books, with some saying in the fore-front. 150 DMC threads later, I don't think a one of them have started on the project. And it's on linen. What were they thinking? Not me... I know my limits.
by: momcat25 on 04/15/18
OH MY GOODNESS! The good thing about stitching on 18ct is that you will use less floss! It is a beautiful piece. Far more intense than anything that I would ever consider.
by: NANCYE G on 04/15/18
Deirdre- get yourself a good magnifying lamp. I could not handle 18 ct without it and am looking forward to doing my first project on 25 ct. There is such a difference in the detail between 14 and 18 Ct, so perseverešŸ˜€
by: murillome on 04/15/18
I'm intrigued, Deirdre - would you be willing to post a picture of your WIP? I plan to start a HAED on 25-count evenweave sometime next year ... and I am really excited. Happy stitching! :)
by: lmurdoch on 04/16/18
Right we have completed about 700 stitches and still going strongly. Still enjoying it but these single stitches of colour are driving me CRAZY I am so used to doing several stitches in the same colour at one time and getting into a rhythm . You just can't do this in this pattern but it is looking good and if I hold it away from me I can see the subtle shading of the trees and background. When DH has a spare 30 seconds (ha ha!!) I will get him to try and put it on line for everyone to see and pull to pieces!!
by: deirdre on 04/19/18
I feel your pain :) I am currently working on Farm Truck also by mystic stitch. And I am also using 18 count fabric because of the size. I find I either need to use my clip on magnifier or a pair of my husband's reading glasses. I don't need them normally, but with this fine count it does help that little bit. Good lighting is also key! I am working on the 3rd page of the pattern. That all being said I am taking a break and doing a latch hook piano bench cover for my niece. :)
by: Sarandipity on 04/19/18