THE Wedding....
Is anyone (in the States) getting up at 4 AM to watch the Royal Wedding Sat. morning? I figure I am usually awake then anyway, so will watch. The pomp of the Brits is always fun to watch. Hope all goes well for them including the weather!
Posted by: jmirz on 05/14/18
In Missouri, I think the time will be 3ish.
Absolutely! I asked my daughter (who got married in Oct) if she wanted to join me, no such luck. When William and Kate got married, I sent her a care package (she was at college) for her and friends- incl tiaras, chocolates, fake rings and gift card to the local fast fish food place (so they could have fish and chips).
I love the hope of that awesome perfect marriage with any couple. And you are right, the pomp of the Brits is always fun to watch.
by: xstitcher522 on 05/14/18
I don't know. I have been debating it but it will be the middle of the night and I take something to sleep. However, that is history and I may try. Notice how committal I sound. I wish I had a dvr then I could record it. They seem like regular people who are very much in love. She is beautiful and he is handsome.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/14/18
I plan to set my DVR. I got up for Diana and Charles. And William and Kate. I love all the pagentty (sp).
by: surt8511 on 05/14/18
Pam, I am sure you will see mega numbers of pics and news broadcasts if you do miss it.
by: jmirz on 05/15/18
xstitcher - You do go all out for the Royal Weddings! I don't plan to have tiaras and chocolates (at least not tiaras), but probably coffee. You are right - nobody does pageantry like the British!!!
by: jmirz on 05/15/18
I will be watching but probably not till about 530-6am though, lol! My mom, sister and I are obsessed with the Royal Family so we follow everything they do :) All of it is just to fascinating and interesting to me! I can't wait to see Prince Harry and and Megan on their big day!!!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 05/15/18
Just a footnote - I had gone to Windsor years ago, and it is a wonderful town. It is very small and "cozy". You see the castle from just about everywhere. The hotel I stayed in, my view was the castle - just across the street. Of course, the castle and it's grounds dominate everything in the area and is on a hill, a very long gradual slope. I'm sure the TV cameras will give a bit of the perspective, but they tend to make things appear farther apart etc. then they are.
by: jmirz on 05/15/18
I am up early these days....I probably will watch as well. I have been watching a couple of the shows leading up to this wedding. They interviewed the florist. I can't wait to see the flowers he is assembling! They also interviewed the gal who is making this special "lemon" cake. It will be a "knock out" I am sure...she is American by the way....
by: jerseycrafter on 05/15/18
I really want to DVR it but don't know what channel. Is CNN carrying it?
by: lkgraham on 05/15/18
jmirz-You are right and that's probably the only way I see it.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/15/18