Counted Cross Stitch Sakura
Hi, desperately seeking a counted cross stitch kit of the piece I have attached. It is a Maia and may be called Oriental Lady in Black. It is piece two of a two piece set. Piece one is Oriental Lady in Red. Place piece one was purchased by mail order is no longer in business. Hope someone is familiar with this piece and who knows who has it. Was referred to the Pinterest website which has it but cannot order or figure out how to order from the. was also recommended but couldn’t find it there. Seems this piece may come from the United Kingdom. I have been checking various shops in southeastern US but no luck. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Help please. Thanks so much.
Posted by: Phantom on 05/15/18
Phantom...if you google: cross stitch patterns + Sakura + Geisha will take you to the Pinterest website. Both of these designs you describe are available there. I also saw one on Hope this helps you! (One of these descriptions is Oriental Lady in black, the other Oriental Lady in Red.)
by: jerseycrafter on 05/15/18
Jersey crafter, thank you for providing me with the information for the piece I was looking for. Terrific. It’s the closest I’ve come so far to find the piece. However, I can’t figure out how to order it from that site or I can view it, make it larger but can’t order it. Can u help with this aspect. There is nothing that shows price or anything for those pieces listed. Liked seeing some nice pieces but can u help with steps to purchase. Thank you. You’re the best.
by: Phantom on 05/15/18
Try ‘geisha cross stitch patterns/Etsy’
I know what you mean about ‘pininterest’, I have the same problems also. I think Etsy is easier to use and I checked and they have prices. I believe you just need to tap on the picture and it will take you to where you can buy it. I did not look for the specific geisha you are looking for, but it is worth a try on Etsy.
Did you try “ A nice thing about ‘eBay’ is that once you start to search, there is a submenu on the left of the screen and if you scroll down, there is a spot that you can tap on if you want to search in just the U.S. or there is a choice of tapping on ‘worldwide’. I always choose ‘worldwide’. Hope this helps! :)
by: Bermuda on 05/15/18
Thanks for responding. Sorry to be such a pain. Tapping on the pic in Pinterest only enlarges the piece. Site provides no way to order anyway so don’t know how it works. They provide no way to communicate either except through this chat site. does have prices but can’t find the piece in that site. I have tried all ways even looking through each page. If u see it again, please let me know and exactly how u got there. eBay has not been any help. There is no one to talk to a Pinterest for more info. No one else has responded to my message. Thank you for trying.
by: Phantom on 05/15/18
All of us will keep an eye out for it. Is there any other information on it? Artist’s name? Name of a company?
How old or what year did you purchase it?
Is there any packaging that came with it that has any information on it.
The more info you can share makes it a bit easier for trying to find it. :)
by: Bermuda on 05/15/18
Did you try to find it by typing in
“Maia Counted cross stitch kits”. ?
by: Bermuda on 05/15/18
Thanks for response. I have provided all the info that I could find. It has been about seven years ago that I did Piece number 1 of the set. I think the mail order place I purchased from was Keepsake stitchery who is out of business. All packaging destroyed. I found the pieces on Pinterest web sight which is attached. See original message. I have contacted many local stores and out of state who either didn’t handle cross stitch or looked in their catalogues and found nothing. I have been through all kinds of sights on the web looking through hundreds of sights and no luck. Now found this sight and found someone who saw them on Pinterest and I saw them too, attached pic, and reaching out to someone who knows where I can order it. Thanks for your interest and help. I have run out of ideas and contacts. Take a look at both pieces on and perhaps something might trigger some help. No way to order. Seems United Kingdom makes the Maia cross stitch pieces. Names of piece varies from what have listed to Japanese Kimono, geisha girl, etc. appreciate your help. Thanks again
by: Phantom on 05/15/18
Phantom, Never give up...the computer is a wondrous thing!!! It is on E-Bay. I found it a different way. Google: cross stitch pattern + Kimono Lady II + E-bay. That is the black version. The other red one you have is Kimono Lady I. It is for sale for $9.99. They have ten of them in stock!! (When you scroll down to the E-Bay site that shows Kimono Lady II, click on that, then when you are on the E-Bay "home page" enter Kimono Lady II in their search box. It will take you right to it!)
by: jerseycrafter on 05/15/18
Thanks so much. Making progress. Yes that is the pattern. I need the whole kit. I got excited for a minute but when I saw the price, I knew it must be just the pattern. Now to find the kit and a place who has it to sell. U folks are wonderful here trying to help. A rose to the winner. Please continue search. Kimono lady 11...need the kit. Thanks everyone. I won’t give up. Progress is in the wind...
by: Phantom on 05/16/18
Phantom, The secret to your success is to "be patient" and "scroll"!! You must enter "exactly" what you are looking for.
Enter: cross stitch patterns + Kimono Lady II + kit. Then.......scroll down the page until you see information for a company that says they sell counted cross stitch kits - Kimono Lady II - new. Click on that web site. Their address is stitch. That will take you to the page to order it. It is $43.18 and is a new, unused kit. (When searching, I entered the word patterns & kit because there are companies that sell both.) You should now be able to do this!!!

P.S. When you go to Pinterest and see a picture of something you want you have to move your mouse down to the bottom of the picture and it will give you the .com site to click on to order the product. Also, Pinterest would prefer that you register with them. It's no big deal!
by: jerseycrafter on 05/16/18