Yea! I just received 1000 bobbins. Is this fun or what? I am going to do many, many hand washings. Wish me luck. Pam
Posted by: pamelastine11 on 05/16/18
I can't even imagine the work this will be. Let me know how you do, do you put it on the bobbin to wash or off the skein, wash and then put on the bobbin?
by: jcpgem on 05/16/18
No, I don't wash the skeins. However, to keep my skin oil off of them, I will be washing my hands more frequently than normal. I don't even wash every work that I do. It depends on the material I use, how much I have had to handle the project, etc. Since I am just starting back to cross stitch, I have some WIP's from long ago that are going to get a "bath". My problem is that when I finish my WIP's, I am going to have to find frames for them. That means trips to second hand shops and sometimes Hobby Lobby has some clearance, but that means a trip into Texas. And, I refuse to bobbinate them all at once. Just wish me luck. Peace. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 05/16/18
Good luck (as you requested ). While I am a bobbinater, I cannot imagine doing 1000! Mary
by: marym on 05/16/18
I hope you have one of those little bobbin winders, to tackle that many. I too, am a bobbinator, and if I only have a few to do, I will just wind by hand, but if I have more, I use my winder. The little slots in it, fit very nicely onto the dividers in one of my plastic floss boxes, even some small fishing tackle boxes. (Which I have also used to hold my bobbin winders on occasion, if I didn't have my floss boxes with me)Case in point: while I Florida for the winter, I have 2-3 projects bagged up, complete with all all floss & fabric needed for each. That does not stop me from going to the very nice local cross stitch store & finding a new project that just grabbed onto me, & wouldn't let me leave the store without it, along with fabric, all the floss needed for it, a new bobbin winders, plastic bobbins, & DMC floss number stickers. My DH had a new tackle box, that came with those plastic boxes, so I used one of those to hold my winder. Sure makes quick work of bobbinating!
Have fun Pam
by: nita7 on 05/17/18
I am way behind on my bobbin winding and I only have about 30 or so to do. I can't imagine doing 1000! Good luck to you Pam and let us know your progress.
by: carissalindsey30 on 05/17/18
Yes, I will let everyone know how it's going. And that tackle box is a great idea. My DH actually ordered 2 DMC floss containers off of EBAY from defunct cross stitch stores but I don't know how many bobbins they will fill. A lot, I hope and I am going to get a tackle box. That might be a way to carry my WIP's. Thanks, Pam.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/17/18
I only wind one bobbin at a time, as needed.
by: NANCYE G on 05/17/18
Nancye, that is normally what I do. However, in honor of my retirement, unknown to me, my DH ordered me every color of DMC floss and the commerative gold box with the new colors. Unfortunately, they just came in bundles and they have been waiting to be put on the bobbins for some time now. On my old skeins I am familiar enough to go digging in my stash and getting what I need. I just need to set a goal by doing so many a day. Fun, fun, fun. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 05/17/18
Did you get your bobbins in bulk?
by: murillome on 05/17/18
Yes, I did. Thanks for asking. I knew I needed bobbins but didn't want paper like I have used in the past. I just happened to be in the Amazon site and ran up 1000 plastic bobbins for about $15.00 free shipping. I pounced all over that. However, now I need a perm marker pen. If it's not one thing it's another.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/18/18