Just come cross this forum & found the chit chat interesting. Had to laugh about the cat wrangling, know the feeling although not in the middle of the night. Also enjoyed hearing about the 93 year old lady. What a character the must be Been x stitching several years.
Posted by: cherryblossom on 06/04/18
Welcome, this is a fun place to chat. We discuss everything. Get alot of tips about stitching, everything . I'm from Columbus OH, where are you from?
by: surt8511 on 06/04/18
Thank you for welcome message. I am from UK. Nice to have general chat along with x stitch tips. Been looking for a nice forum like this. Enjoy chatting about day to day things. Joined one forum a few years ago which had chat plus tips but did not stay around that one very long as it got so only a few answered each & rest left out so was dubious of joining another one until now..

Like stitching flowers & gardens most of all but stitch other things too.
by: cherryblossom on 06/04/18
welcome you found a good place this time.
by: susieq on 06/04/18
Welcome to the ECS chat board cherry blossom!
It always good to have other stitchers visit and then decide to ‘hang-out’ at this chat. 😃
by: Bermuda on 06/04/18
Welcome to the chat! I also stumbled across this chat nearly a year ago and stayed because it's like chatting with some back door neighbours. Many topics to discuss, advice to be given, support for all that life throws at us, and even some cross stitch chat thrown in for good measure!
by: marym on 06/04/18
Welcome. You have tumbled into a nice group of ladies and gents. Helpful, supportive and friendly.
by: 113kevans on 06/04/18
Thank you for so many welcome messages. Looking forward to getting to grips with how this all works but love the topics I've seen this morning. Wll post again later, just wanted to say thanks for the lovely welcome.
by: cherryblossom on 06/05/18
Welcome, always great to have new chatters. As kevans said it is a group of nice ladies and gents - some of us a little crazier than others, but nice! One of my best friends is a UK transplant to the US. I live in Michigan and they first came here - now they live in Georgia and I usually drive down there once a year for a visit. We too have some avid gardeners and you will see many chats along those lines as well.
by: jmirz on 06/05/18
Welcome cherryblossom, We are an interesting group of people! We do talk about a lot of things other than cross stitch, however, if one of us is contemplating a project, or, are in a project and have questions.....we just put it all out in the chat room. There are lots of really experienced stitchers here who have no qualms about sharing their experience.
by: jerseycrafter on 06/05/18
Thanks for more welcome messages.
by: cherryblossom on 06/05/18