Why do you think the popularity of cross stitch has declined?
Hi....I'm brand new to this board.

I cross stitched for years in my 20s, which was back in the 80s/early 90s. Then I got into quilting, then had a family and all of my crafts went out of the window! I dabbled, but not to the degree that I did when I was younger. Now, my kids are grown and out of the house, so I want to get back into stitching.

When I was first into this hobby, there were magazines being published, books galore, and the craft stores had aisles of supplies & patterns. Now, the craft stores have a small, messy corner in the back of the store dedicated to the craft.

What happened?
Posted by: Katt150 on 06/08/18
I would venture to say that lots of different things have affected it...change of focus by people, other new/different crafts, things going out of trend (remember macrame?), and of course the internet. With the internet, brick and mortar stores don't need to have all the dedicated shelf space.
by: MarzHere on 06/08/18
I agree with Marz; our store just closed for good (retirement) & the other one went to on-line. I think all crafts have a peak for a time then eventually make a comeback. Yarn crafts i,e knitting has always been around but scrape booking was the in thing, then quilting etc so I'm sure xstitching will resurge. In the meantime we have right here the best on-line store you will find. If ECS doesn't have it they will try to get it for you.
by: terryd on 06/08/18
Easy. You can’t cross stitch on a cell phone.🙄
by: 113kevans on 06/08/18
Plus...it takes time to see the fruit of your labour! No instant gratification here!
by: marym on 06/08/18
All great points. I didn't even think about the impact of online buying. I had a small booth in an antique mall for years....eBay killed it. I guess the same can be said for lots of things.

by: Katt150 on 06/08/18
I still don't understand. I would make an hour drive from and back to a brick and mortar because I enjoy picking up the pattern perusing it etc. In the UK they have cool cross stitch mags plus they have oodles of stitchers writing and showing their work. I don't know why, but I miss it. That's where this site and company come in. I am so blessed to have internet access so that I can kanoodle (I am making up words today-a sign of rebellion) with other stitchers both in the United States and over the world. I feel as if we are protecting an art form. I hope younger generations will emulate this and engage in not just cross stitching, but also knitting, tatting, quilting, painting, crocheting, etc. Peace.
by: pamelastine11 on 06/08/18
Hi there

The computer is wiping out a lot of things. Maybe peoples are using the computer and they are busy than Usual.
by: miss crossstitc on 06/08/18
Mrs Pamela I was severly sick in the middle of the 70th. I had bought a lot of cross stitching beside patterns and magazines. Just to keep busy. When I go to a drug store or where I can find magazines stand I go to look for one. I even go to the library which I call it my ((second home)) Because I spend a lt of time there. I look for one too. Now there is none at all. Except books that U can
borrow How many times I had gone to JoAnn or Micheal crafts store I can t count them?
by: miss crossstitc on 06/08/18
Pam....I'm like you. I LOVE to browse a needlework store, even if I have nothing in particular to buy. I had several were I used to live, but they closed. I'm grateful for the availability of supplies, especially specialty items, in online shops, but it still doesn't compare to browsing in person.
by: Katt150 on 06/08/18
I, too, cross stitched for years in my 20s, although it was in the 70s that I started. I started off with stamped cross stitch pillowcases. Then I moved on to crewel embroidery, which was available everywhere in the 70s, Avon even sold crewel kits. When I discovered counted cross stitch (the exactness of counted appeals to my OCD) kits were all the thing (I have become a counted cross stitch snob and never even consider kits anymore!!! :) Then I took the same break for children and work that so many of us seem to have done. I recently retired and picked it back up and I am just overwhelmed - in a good way - at the availability of patterns and supplies online. I can't stop buying patterns and supplies.... AND....since I took cross stitch back up, both of my daughters (aged 25 and 26) have become addicted as well, and many of their friends are now taking an interest and trying it out. I don't think the popularity has declined, in my experience it seems to be increasing, it's just gone into a different venue. I read all of you on this board daily, and you have all taught me that it is supposed to be fun and not to stress about my mistakes and inconsistencies, just adjust, accept and move one. You all have helped me realize that the pattern is not carved in stone and if I want to change one color for another or move a couple of crosses so that I find the end result more aesthetically pleasing, it's okay, and I thank you all for that.
by: rclclckc on 06/08/18