Wip it, wip it good
One page almost done, 5 to go. The dress was a bugger, mostly do to operator error, and a plethora of 1/4 stitches.
Posted by: Jaj on 06/11/18
What are you working on?
by: surt8511 on 06/11/18
Looks good! Are those red cross things on the fabric going to stay? And the dress and hat look like they have tabs on them for dressing up a paper doll. :)
by: mzvorhees13 on 06/11/18
That is so pretty.
by: deirdre on 06/11/18
It’s the Teddy Bear Paper doll, and the red lines will go away, (they are grid lines)
by: Jaj on 06/11/18
Lovely WIP and lovely job of gridding! Over the years, I've seen some weird stuff called "gridding" that I just didn't understand! 😊 THIS I understand! 😊

*A compliment to one person is NOT an insult to anyone else! It's just a compliment. 😊
by: VCESS on 06/12/18
That is such a cute pattern! Is the pattern in color? I find those hard to work.
by: maubennett on 06/12/18
I have never used the grid method, Jaj - do you cut the little grid threads at the end of the project? Your stitchery is coming along beautifully!
by: lmurdoch on 06/12/18
Very nice job Jaj. This will be so cute when done.

To those who wonder - the grid lines just pull out when done with project. It is like fishing line for slickness, so will pull out easily.
by: jmirz on 06/12/18
Maubennet...the back stitching is in color, the rest of the pattern is b&w.
by: Jaj on 06/13/18
Thank you, Jaj. It's very cute. Reminds me of my paper dolls when I was 8-9 years.
by: maubennett on 06/13/18