Drowning in my kits!
Am I the only person out there that has purchased like 10 decent sized cross stitch kits and has them lovingly stored away? lol I am currently working on a project entitled "Aurora Cabin", and am not even close to done, but I can't seem to stop buying more kits. lol. I have like 15 years of my life planned out already. :D
Posted by: mzvorhees13 on 06/11/18
Join the club my dear. I doubt there many of who are not in the same position.
by: deirdre on 06/11/18
Welcome to the group. It’s an addiction. Think of your continued purchasing as your way of “saving up kits for the future”. :)
by: Bermuda on 06/11/18
Hahah, well I'm glad I'm not alone. :) My kids and husband make fun of me all the time for it. lol. I'm like, "You wont be laughing when you see all the beautiful heirlooms I'm leaving behind for you!" LOL
by: mzvorhees13 on 06/11/18
Hah! I bought "Aurora Cabin" because it is a good pattern that reminds me of being in Alaska and being privileged to see those Northern Lights. I recently decided that I have too much, the excess is the many patterns and they get put into stitch order. I have a big job ahead to sort everything out. It drives me crazy to think that nobody will treasure any of it. My two daughters won't want to fill their homes with, even though each gift was chosen because I know those two the best. Ah well, back to stitching...
by: Su Pitt on 06/12/18
Since finding this site i can't stop buying. I have a pile to back stitch and a pile to frame, not to mention my started projects. I tell myself not to start a new one, but I can't seem to stop.
by: martichba on 06/12/18
I'm with you mzvorhees. I see so many patterns that are bright and pretty that I love and when I buy them weeks later they are on sale...
by: maubennett on 06/12/18
Hey! welcome to the "I've got a giant stash" club. We all do it because we are addicted to the hobby. It is a relaxing, stress releasing hobby that produces beautiful results. Keep on stashing and stitching! Linda
by: lkgraham on 06/12/18
I've got a stash of "my" projects that I intend to do. And to top it all off I won the raffle at our Guild meeting Thursday and there's a pansy kit in it (among other lovely things). So into the stash that goes. Whoever said they were heading for immortality is right because that is the only way we are going to finish our stash - without buying more. Speaking of which, a girlfriend and I went to Sheena's on Saturday (the former owner retired and sold the shop and the name stayed) and all I can say is WOW!!!! So nice an bright and fresh and not crammed to the doors. And I bought a couple of booklets on 3D ornaments I just had to have. LOL and BIG SIGH!
by: judy.boatman on 06/12/18
Hah! Wow! It's so awesome to find a community of people who understand the obsession. lol! Now we all just need to win the lottery so we can just stitch for 6 hours a day and finish all of the projects that we want. :D
by: mzvorhees13 on 06/12/18
Stitch 6 hours per day, sleep 8 hours per day, search for patterns 2 Hours a day and purchase new patterns 8 hours per day ....yep, that sounds about right....
by: Bermuda on 06/12/18