Notte di Stelle
Could someone tell me what this design says? Enlarging it doesn’t help! Thanks 😊
Posted by: cmchris on 06/12/18
Hi Ladies

This chart should be done in french. But on the other hand U can get it and do it in english version too by following the alphabet letters It said that (( Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to loose sisht when we pursue them. (O.Wilde))
by: miss crossstitc on 06/12/18
Oh, that is lovely! Thanks very much for answering my question .😊
by: cmchris on 06/12/18
I had spoken to the designer myself a little while ago. she lives in Canada. But I was wondering how in the world did she get all these patterns designs? Did she designs them herself or she had hired peoples to do them for her and she had paid them?
by: miss crossstitc on 06/12/18
Sounds like you need to talk to her again!
by: cmchris on 06/13/18
Why do you say that? 😊
by: VCESS on 06/13/18
Hi again

What do you need Mrs cmchris? I am still awake.
by: miss crossstitc on 06/13/18
I am fine. My question was answered immediately. I wanted to know what was written on the design piece because I still could not read it enlarged. The question was answered and the translation given from French into English.

After that someone else said that they had just spoken to the deisgner, “But...” didn’t understand how so many designs could be created or did the designer have help. I simply responded by saying that if they were curious to the answer they would hbe ro contact the designer again and ask.
by: cmchris on 06/13/18
Hi there

I am the one who had helped you in finding what you are looking for. That pattern could be in Spanish so in German too
by: miss crossstitc on 06/13/18