The Background of this wise owl kit.
In response to the question asked about the background of this wise owl kit. I recently purchased this sewing kit project and the background is not stamped, however you must sew it according to the instructions indicated on the pattern. I hope this answer helps you out.
Posted by: slbertola2002 on 06/12/18
Hi there

If you need to know how to start this project go to and they will show you all about cross stitching from A to Z. and U should start from the middle fold the material like a napkin then start where the errows go following the other errow and start in the middle of the material. The fabric that is have been used for this project is white Aida fabric. 14c. That all what I can tell U. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 06/13/18
The answer was addressed back in 2016...😊

This nice lady started a new thread trying to help. 😊
by: VCESS on 06/13/18