Baking Soda and White Vinegar...
Two treatments to the upstairs bathtub drain and the flow is a bit better but I’ll be at it again tomorrow..
Hey, there’s more to life than cross stitching...............
This isn’t one of them.
Posted by: Bermuda on 06/12/18
I never have to deal with any plumbing issues. It seems that many of us discuss drain problems. My DH was a plumbing sub-contractor in San Francisco. You know that there are some incredible Victorian era homes there. He can still pour hot lead for a drain pipe joint. of the "in" pipes under the commode was leaking. This time, DH called a fruend who still works as a plumber. He fixed it for $20, parts and labor. Me thinking, I could have gotten a couple of patterns or a handful of floss with that money....
by: Su Pitt on 06/14/18
Sue Pitt-
Let me know if and when you are interested and I can give you a name of a company in Canada that sells the Lowery Stand and accessories- the extension . It was the best price I found for the Lowery Stand I purchased 3 years ago.
by: Bermuda on 06/14/18
Bermuda - you are definitely the definition of a "do it all" gal! I "don't know nothin' about no plumbin'" and I don't plan on learning - however the baking soda and white vinegar to help clear drains sounds like a good idea. My late uncle was a master plumber and said the best invention for plumbers was those liquid drain cleaners which would clear the pipes, but also create leaks at the joints! He basically only did new construction, but would help us out when Dad (his older brother) would call.
by: jmirz on 06/14/18