permission to use
Hi, I was wondering if I could use this as a logo on work apparel at my office.
Posted by: kevin on 06/13/18

You would have to contact the actual designer to get permission. We are just an online retailer that carries her designs :) Her website is and her name is Tereena. She's very friendly and since they are located in Australia, it might take her a bit to get back to you but she will respond. Hope this helps!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 06/13/18
Actually, if you read the page for this item, it was made from artwork by Joni Prettie. She might hold the rights to this design. Tereena at Artecy will know.
by: Su Pitt on 06/13/18
Hi Kevin,

We have licensed this image from the Artist Joni Prittie to use for our cross stitch design, you will definitely need to seek her permission to use her Artwork for your logo. You can find her on Etsy at her store here

You will be able to contact her through her Etsy store to ask permission.

Thanks and Best Wishes
Artecy Cross Stitch
by: artecy on 06/14/18