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Question for you. Was snooping around on Christmas sale items and saw you left a review (5/2017) on Staind Glass Santa by Lewis Johnson. Was wondering if you completed this. Did you do it on 25ct over 1 as suggested? If you did complete could you send a pic? Am liking the pattern but donโ€™t really need another project but want it anyway. Glutton for patterns. Thanks
PS: or anyone else who may have completed it.
Posted by: 113kevans on 07/03/18
Sorry, Kris! I didn't see your post til today...the DD is traveling and saw it, gave me a call and wanted to know what my problem is? She's waiting for this Santa...but not patiently. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I have begun it but I made a mistake in starting at midnight with the black...2 Over 1 on 25 ct Is just too challenging for it to be fun for me, at least when I'm visitor-anxious...so I ordered the 16 ct and started gridding...then visitors, then traveling, more visitors, more travel, then side-tracked by a kit...I'm so good at procrastinating....my one REAL talent. I decided to pull the 25 and try again, just-because...haven't gotten very far and I haven't figured how to post pictures with a kindle...but I'm at about 1200...the b!ack goes quickly...

Don't let my dithering hold you up! I'm old and slow and devoted to "as the mood catches me" . The colors are wonderful and the black sets It all off...I heartily recommend the pattern...of course there is confetti...don't sweat it...I just skip those till I'm "in the mood"...sometimes I'm in the zone and tear that stuff up. ๐Ÿ˜Š Now, if I can just get the DD off my back...๐Ÿ˜Š
by: VCESS on 07/07/18
VCESS no worries just figured you were ignoring me.๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated. Think Iโ€™m going to move it off the wishlist and give it a whirl. May end up as a do over if the 25 bugs my eyes to much but wonโ€™t know until I try. Right?
by: 113kevans on 07/07/18
I like this, probably because DH and I had a stained glass window business. It looks very interesting. I see the animals that Santa has with him. His shoes are what I can't interpret...do you think they are sandals with a bit of skin showing, or maybe cowboy boots, with pointy fronts and a boot heel?
I am awaiting you two to decipher!
by: Su Pitt on 07/07/18
Kris, I try not to ignore people...unless I'm changing the foot in my mouth for the other.

Bringing a post back to the top sometimes helps the blinder among us...sort of works like a poke in the ribs, or a slap to the head...and sometimes posts drop off the first page...if I'm signed out and don't change page settings...I have several kindles and sometimes iffy WiFi...have to shut down, move to another...I'm kind of long-winded today...comes from DD being gone and the cats scattering in self defense...sorry. ๐Ÿ˜Š
by: VCESS on 07/07/18
Su! How about a special "magic" boot...an old pair, with special leathers? Special bindings for show shoes? ๐Ÿ˜Š Not the usual black waterproof, are they? They have to be magical to keep from sinking in deep snow, keep his tootsies toasty. With all the critters, I suppose it might be some sort of poo....Lol
by: VCESS on 07/07/18
Su my guess is very pointy toed cowboy type boots. Always called them cockroach killers because you can get into the corners after them with those pointy toes.
by: 113kevans on 07/07/18
My guess is since he is a โ€˜jolly old elfโ€™ he would be wearing pointy-toe boots.

by: Bermuda on 07/07/18
If very pointy, I doubt he's very jolly! ๐Ÿ˜Š
by: VCESS on 07/07/18
I agree especially working in them all night...though, the pointy toes can kinda go with the pointy hat....
Uh, there I go again...trying to match things....
by: Bermuda on 07/08/18
Very pretty - but no I don't need another one - but then again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: deirdre on 07/08/18