Holy Hannah!
I was just complaining I was waiting for summer! Well, it came roaring this weekend at 80 to 90 degree days and 90% humidity. I am not used to humidity we dont usually have that problem. I am now sitting in front of our a.c. hating life. It is to hot to even pick up a project and my hair is curling which it never does as i have very straight hair. I guess complaing about weather and bugs never stops. I just killed something that looked like a black wasp! I am curious as to what it was but I flushed it.
Posted by: Nettie on 07/09/18
Welcome to summer Nettie. I don't like over 90 but here that is summer. My DH loves it my Penn. self does not and longs for winter curled on a chair cross stitching or reading. I would say knitting too but 60 inches into my scarf I find a mistake 8 inches in. I hope I can fix. If not, I will keep it-was going to gift it but not now. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/09/18
Nettie, where are you. I'm in Columbus OH. It has been hot and humid for several weeks. I'm ready for fall and college football.
by: surt8511 on 07/09/18
Anything over 79° is summer to me...AC is my best-bought BFF!!! And REALLY!!! Aren't the bugs getting weird? 😊
by: VCESS on 07/09/18
Our heat wave yesterday hit at 72.4°. Our rescue dog is allergic to fleas. Our dogs are on oral flea medicine, but the neighbors' dogs are not. The stinkiest, dirtiest, most unattractive dog belongs to our neighbors who are good friends of DH.
So, DH agrees for the umpteenth time to dog sit with him at our house. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ugh.
Plan A. Bathe him with flea shampoo immediately.
Plan B. Put a clothes pin on my nose.
Plan C. Convince him that he really likes the great outdoors.

Cannot complain about dogsitting because the guy mows our front and back lawns and edges them. My "gift" to them is not just the dog sit, but letting DH visit them nearly daily and bums a beer or a cocktail, nearly every night! More solo stitchy time.
by: Su Pitt on 07/10/18
Because of the abnormal heat that we have we are getting a lot of wasps. I read in our paper yesterday that a good way to get rid of them if you’re sitting outside is to spray them with water. They think it’s raining and go to their nests.
Yes we can sit outside in the shade. We have a great breeze to make it bearable.
by: Marydenmark on 07/10/18
We have the lantern flys very bad this year. It is a bug that came over from China or somewhere over there. There is no natural predator here for them in the US for as of yet. There are certain plants and trees that this lantern fly prefers and basically kills everything it eats. I had a small rose bush that I hadn't gotten a chance to plant. When I went to plant it a few of the stems were brown and dead and the other ones were covered top to bottom with lantern flies. Right now they are going from their black with white spots stage to their red stage and then they will go into their moth-like stage. I find a lot of them in the pool. Glad that the pool water at least kills them.
by: ladyj117 on 07/10/18
Who issued their visas ladyj?😡
by: Marydenmark on 07/10/18
Probably wasn't the T-word! LOL
by: VCESS on 07/10/18
by: Marydenmark on 07/10/18
Probably be rounded up by ICE.
by: 113kevans on 07/10/18