Le Tour de France...
Thank goodness for the Tour. It has been so hot here, that working outside is limited and watching the bike race allows me to stitch a bunch! I do enjoy the strategy involved, but love all of the gorgeous scenery and bits of historical knowledge provided by the commentators.

I am finally near the end of my first Christmas gift - just a bit more backstitching and French knots. There have been a gazillion knots between "snow" falling and garland for the tree. Am doing the Dimensions kit Home for the Holidays for some family friends. I am going to stitch around the whole edges with the more cranberry color red (had lots in my stash from previous Dimension kits) and then will make into a pillow. Think I will use a darker green microsuede backing for the pillow. Haven't decided on the edging for the pillow as yet - might do a golden yellow.

Anyway, I have had so many WIP's going and jumping around them, that I have decided to push and get some done!
Posted by: jmirz on 07/10/18
Hope you post a pic when done. I have made pillows, but never made the kind with the zipper on back. I have 2 needlepoint pillows that mom gave me and since she didn't like homemade, I gladly took them off her hands. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/10/18
I will post a picture when done. I don't bother with a zipper - especially for these holiday pillows since they are not being used all year round.
by: jmirz on 07/11/18
My guilty pleasure is MLB...not as happy with it this year because of repetitive commercials, but stitching while watching/listening certainly makes me feel less like a recliner-lump. 😊
by: VCESS on 07/11/18