This has probably already been asked,
but what is perforated paper, is it harder to stich on, and does it tear easily? I have passed up on projects because perforated paper is the recommended "fabric". I know I can use Aida but I am curious about the paper. I have never seen it or felt it before, yes I am one of those need to feel the actual project and was thinking it would give my stitching a different look or depth to it yes I have googled a pictures just doesn't give me what I am looking for. I don't want to waste valuable stitching money on something I won't use. Opinions and advice welcome. :)
Posted by: Nettie on 07/10/18
Nettie, there are others on this post that love working on perforated paper. I remember a post a time back. Be patient when they see this thread you should get your answers. I have never done stitching on paper. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/10/18
Hi Nettie! Perforated paper is like a thin cardboard. It bends a bit but I have yet to tear a piece stitching. I use it a lot for Christmas Ornaments because you can cut the ornament out without having the ornament fray. The holes are bigger so I usually use 3 strands of thread for stitching. The biggest thing I have done was a 5 x 5 Mill Hill kit and didn't have any issues with the paper at all.

I hope this helps!! Happy Stitching!
by: tspitz on 07/10/18
I’ve tried it twice and didn’t enjoy it (for Christmas tree decorations.) as you can imagine it’s completely stiff and I found it so hard to fasten.
by: Marydenmark on 07/10/18
I have not used the perforated paper for my Mill Hill kits. I change it out and use Aida instead, just try to find a color close to the color of the paper. My sister has tried the paper and she is fine with it, of course no hoop and just be careful to not pull too hard or you could tear it.
by: tlmcdaniel on 07/10/18
Dimensions makes about a million ornament kits, some small, some larger...and varied as to holiday or just interests. And most are less than $6...well, many are.😊 I suggest trying a couple. Some people cover the backs of their ornaments with felt or decorative papers, some don't. I've made several...I hate the brown paper. Luckily, there are several colors that can be ordered or you can order the kits with the colors of your choice. My first were found in an LNS and were great for introduction to beading. Remember to substitute your own floss if you use extra lengths...kits aren't forgiving when you use more than suggested amounts. 😊
by: VCESS on 07/10/18
A lot of the Mill Hill kits use the paper. It is 14-count. I've heard of 18-count, but haven't searched hard for it. I re-use the instructions, buy more paper, and use the DMC colours in the kit. If you have to do any frogging, be careful not to cut the paper. If a rip happens, mend quickly with invisible tape on the back side and continue stitching. No big deal. Unless... well, I recently had to buy another pack of paper (9" x 12", 2 sheets) because my cat brought me a kit... with inappropriate teeth holes. Ug. So glad he didn't open the bead packs!!
by: momcat25 on 07/11/18
I enjoy perforated paper. It doesn't stretch or become uneven.
by: glenndria on 07/11/18