Nativity project
Serendipity Designs sells the graphs for a 5 panel (yes, I said 5) Nativity. I believe it's a Mar Bec design. The graphs are $30.00. Has anyone seen this, started it, known so done (or a group) who has stitched it? I'd LOVE to start it with a group for my church, but am not sure I'd live long enough to see it finished. It's gigantic!
Posted by: mkhanes on 07/10/18
I’ve seen it and if you notice that Serendipity and or Marbek has a special frame for the five panels but it is very PRICEY! I think if your group wanted to do it, 5 people could each stitch a panel after everyone has agreed to the type and color of fabric.
I know I would do it on an evenweave fabric,such as 25 or 28 count, so the exposed background fabric would have a finer look to it, but then, who asked me....🤨
by: Bermuda on 07/10/18
This design is incredibly beautiful. Just the chart has been sold for more than $100! It is hard to find. I do not know the pricey price of the frames, but I think that, as recently as 3 or 4 years ago, Nordic Needle which is online,nsold the whole shebang. Haven't checked recently, but I know that my DH would faint if I decided I have to have it.
by: Su Pitt on 07/10/18
The price for the 5-panel frame is $299.95.
by: Bermuda on 07/10/18
I think the correct quote would be, "HOLY HANNAH!" 😊
by: VCESS on 07/10/18
I love this design also! I have a few other nativity patterns that I can do so I probably will never do this one. It is very labor intensive not to mention framing intensive. If anyone does stitch it, I would love to see finished masterpiece!
by: ladyj117 on 07/10/18
Where are you seeing $300 price tag? I just saw the 6 booklets, for $10 total, on ebay. Is that not what you guys are looking at? Sign me, Totally Befuddled...😊
by: VCESS on 07/10/18
The frame is $300
by: 113kevans on 07/10/18
Go to “” website then type in ‘nativity’ in Search area. Patterns are $32.00 for cross stitch patternS and price of special frame is there also.
by: Bermuda on 07/10/18
How many of those frames do you think they've sold? 😊

But I will say one thing for this company...this is the company that sold me six small floral kits over 25 years ago. I found the 6 kits in a box last spring. The blues and purple flosses faded onto the other flosses in two of kits. I emailed them, identified the kits and asked for DMC equivalent numbers. They answered by emailing that replacement floss for all 6 kits was in the mail...I got it in 2 days...better than Amazon...these days! I would do business with them anytime! 😊

For somebody who doesn't do kits, I sure do end up doing them! 😊 it's those harebrained ideas free floating around! 😊
by: VCESS on 07/11/18
I have this design and it is beautiful. My mother bought it about 16 years ago. I stitched one of the smaller panels it did not take me that long seems I remember maybe 4 days as I was working at the time. I was thinking the other day about finishing it for my daughter-in-law. I don't think it would take as long as stitching a Heaven and Earth design. You can see a picture of it on the serenpidity website by typing in nativity. Of course I could never afford the frame and I will have one of my sons make me one. I do not know how much she paid for it. Since I did the panel on 14 count I think it would look better on a smaller count. I plan to us 16 count because my eyesight isn't that good anymore. Old age lol.
by: phyllisbeebe on 07/11/18