Old Radio Shows
I started stitching with the tv on listening to reruns but kept looking up too much even though I had seen them so many times. I typed in Old Time Radio on google and found a lot of sites with old shows. I go to dumb.com and find tons of old shows. I was born in 1946 so most of what I remember was coming on tv in the early fifties when tv was really starting to sweep the nation. I am listening to Boston Blackie and really enjoy it. Next is The Shadow. I vaguely remember Boston Blackie and seem to barley remember The Shadow. I use dumb.com because it already has its own player. On some sites you have to dowload players and all aren't compatible with my Kindle. These shows also have all the old commercials. Does anybody remember Rinso Whistle or Whistle Rinso?. I'm starting to ramble so I will stop now. Hope someone enjoys these as much as me.
Posted by: eagle1dw on 07/11/18
Thanks! I enjoy the oldies, too! And Kindles rule! I barely remember Boston Blackie...think he came on the same night as either the fights or wrestling...just remember being herded into a completely darkened living room with a couple of rowdy boys...not on our tv though...I think I remember Nick and Nora...fell in love with the dog...and Mr and Mrs. North...I liked their cat...I was pretty one -track...don't remember anything else about them...talk about babbling! 😊
by: VCESS on 07/11/18
Not sure if this will help you.....but SiriusXM has a whole channel devoted to old radio shows. It's channel 148. It has all the old mysteries, westerns and comedies. You can also buy the shows form www.radiospirits.com.

Have fun!!!!
by: judy.kilroy on 07/11/18
If anyone checks this and likes old movies "How Green Was My Valley is on youtube for free. Someone mentioned the word colliery (sp) and I remembered it had to do with mining. All 5 of my great uncles were coal miners in PA. Don't know how they did it because my Great Uncle Earl was 6 feet two and he was the shortest. My Dad, his brother, and my Grandpa were steelworkers. My dad was a craneman. At a time, life was good. Anyhow, watch the movie, but have tissues at the ready and it is in black and white starring Walter Pidgeon and Maureen O'Hare.
by: pamelastine11 on 07/13/18
Interesting website...dumb.com. You may chat with God...LIVE, secretly track your friends by phone, insult and be mean...with a coach. But they do have old radio shows... 😊
by: VCESS on 07/13/18
Checked the dumb.com site while at work - I work midnights at a small retirement home - on my kindle.
So at 3am I started watching Night of the Living Dead, good choice right, everyone is asleep, I'm alone
with all these windows - it's like a big fishbowl at night. Then the paper is delivered with a bam on the front
door. After I peeled myself off the ceiling I said enough of this and went to work on my current Halloween
project. Think I will be sticking to stitching in the future.

by: 22allamerican22 on 07/13/18
Great movie, though! 😆
by: VCESS on 07/13/18
Only one newspaper for a whole nursing home...saddens me...
by: VCESS on 07/13/18
We are a very small retirement home, currently have ten residents and most of the time the paper goes unread. We offered to read to the residents, just come on down at such and such time and after a week when nobody showed up, well we still offer once in awhile. I really love my job, I do all the baking...desserts, cookies, pies, bread. What fun! Also have about four hours down time before we start breakfast and it is usually put to good use either shopping for new projects or working on current ones and getting paid for it. And that is another reason I love my job... :-D
by: 22allamerican22 on 07/14/18
22all american22,
I had to read your reply a second time, as I was laughing so hard. I thought you said, "I peed myself" , ( when the paper hit the door), instead of " I peeled myself off the ceiling". Thanks for the morning laugh! ( I would have peed myself, then had to peel myself off the ceiling, lol)
by: nita7 on 07/14/18
You can also speak to Santa on this website...please shout out if you speak to God...LIVE...

I listened to The Thin Man.or Adventures of Nick and Nora...what a hoot! Such dramatic music! So cheesy...I liked it! 😊

They have a lot of programs...all kinds...if you're interested in audio programs at all, you might give them a try. 😉
by: VCESS on 07/14/18