Can you mail me some copy's of patterns that I want to work on without paying for them
Posted by: Laura001 on 07/11/18
by: surt8511 on 07/11/18
I am a stitcher on this web site. ECS is a business and this is our chat room for stitchers If you go on the web or youtube, maybe somebody runs specials to get new clients. ECS is a business and as far as I know, as much as they love us, they do charge for their patterns. Peace. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/11/18
Hello Laura,

No, I’m sorry but we can’t offer that service to you. That actually goes against copyright laws. All patterns must be paid for and we will send them to you. Thank you.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 07/11/18
Hey!!! Me, too! I want stuff...that I don't have to pay for! Sign me up for that box! 😊

by: VCESS on 07/11/18
Do you think that was a prank? Surely, people don't think that they can just get free stuff. It has had to be a prank.
by: pamelastine11 on 07/11/18
And, yes, I think people are strange. 😊
by: VCESS on 07/11/18
VCESS, are you the one who wrote "people are strange" by the Doors? If you did, man that rocks me!
by: pamelastine11 on 07/11/18
Didn't write it but I sure do sing it! 😊 All together, now! πŸ˜„
by: VCESS on 07/12/18
Is it possible that Laura meant that she wanted a sample of what the patterns look like? Artecy and Mystic Stitch offer that on their websites. Trying to be polite after the last time some one asked a question that started a discussion about being polite to a newbie who asked a question that did not seem quite right?
by: NANCYE G on 07/12/18
Nancye, you are right about being polite-definitely to newbies. That is why I am thinking that someone was pranking or maybe because DMC and others offer free patterns she thought ECS gave patterns out also. I don't know. Kind of strange. But I wish whoever well and does come back to this site to visit. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/12/18