"It's Not Hoarding"
Hi Kristi. Could you please post the supply list for this project. It would be perfect for my "library". Thanks. Karen
Posted by: luvtoxstitch on 08/03/18
Brought some instant pot cookbooks home from the library to peruse and realized all of my bookmarks have grown legs and gone traveing... I don't blame them. Don't get much use since the kindle arrived. This will be a perfect start to replacing them! 😊 Think I'll have a peek for a few more...bet Tereena has a free pattern, too! Tally hoooooo!!! 😊
by: VCESS on 08/04/18
I would go with this pattern... but make it fabric and threads!! Sorry... I'm in an odd mood today. Got a package in the mail and found myself standing on our dirt road hugging it! Now... am I in need of therapy or just a quite afternoon stitching in front of a football game. Both! -barb
by: momcat25 on 08/04/18
Trying to catch Kristi's eye...
by: VCESS on 08/06/18
Just put this in my basket! I love to read. It and stitching are my two"vices" LOL. They are also the hardest on my wallet.
by: deborahmoody7 on 08/06/18

Got the supplies posted for this design for you. You should see them all listed there now :) Thank you!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 08/06/18
Thank you!
by: VCESS on 08/06/18
Cess, this is probably not the best time, however, I have a package of 2 of 8 1/2 x 11 plastic 14 ct sheets (to be used in bookmarks, etc. Now, no charge, will pay for postage-just a pay it forward type of thing. My email is pamelastine11@yahoo.com. If you email your address, I will write it down then erase. I have done that with others. I would really love to gift them to you. I am not a thief, irs cheat, prison record never existed, slow for children, stop sign observant, former girl scout, a good homeroom mom, a great neighbor(keep my grass mowed), wave at police and sheriff, tip at least 15%, animal lover and tree hugger!!!!!! I hope you believe that there are sincere and honest (to a fault)people. I believe I live in your state so you could track me down!! If you are still uncomfortable, I understand. Peaceful, predictable, punctual, people person, perplexed (at times), Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18
LOL, Pam!!! I trust YOU! It's people who drop in, NEVER been in the chat before that I distrust. Scammers wouldn't usually spend a year or so collecting addresses, one at a time. 😊

But, I can't use the plastic bookmarks. I've developed an allergy to some plastics...I lose layers of skin then a rough spot like a corn forms on my fingers. Takes months to go away... I have to use gloves to tie up trash bags! or open water bottles! I do appreciate your generosity and spirit! You're funny, smart, and intuitive, and soooo generous! Thank you!!! 😄

Wave at a cop in MWC and they'll chase you down! 😄
by: VCESS on 08/09/18
Sorry about your allergies. My sister in law who is an rn is allergic to latex. She was okay but the longer she worked in health care the worse her allergies got. I will take all the compliments I can get. And I will tell you right back with you the compliments. I knew you were from OKC and you probably know I live in Hugo about as far as SE OK can be. Wave at the Hugo police or Sheriff and they probably will chase you down. They aren't used to people being nice to them so they are suspicious. Seriously, I am sorry that you have that plastic allergy. You take care and keep your chin up. You have had a rough week. This is my email if you need something:pamelastine11@yahoo.com Peace and good thoughts headed up north to OKC!!!! Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18