last night while eating a baked zucchini-rice-ground beef casserole with cooked potatoes.
Took a forkful into my mouth and began to chew and hit something hard, spit out into my hand and there was the cap from my back molar.
With what one pays to the dentist to fix the teeth, not being cheap using the glue would be expected, you think?
I even WARNED THEM that I didn’t have a dentist up north...guess who I’m calling in South Carolina tomorrow🤨
Oh...and my washing machine is leaking....
Posted by: Bermuda on 08/05/18
Bermuda, When I saw your post I was afraid to read what you had written (think "bug").
Thank goodness that you didn't swallow the tooth cap.
by: maubennett on 08/05/18
I am too! You read my mind as to my first thought that came to my mind when I saw the cap laying in my hand.
But there was a SECOND thought I had if I had swallowed it, but I’m not going there.....😬😬😬
by: Bermuda on 08/05/18
oh my gosh I hope my dryer problems wasn't contagious.
by: susieq on 08/05/18
When a cap has come off of any of my molars and I saved it to just have the dentist re-glue it in place - invariably something is wrong somewhere and he had to create a brand new one. I must admit that when I was traveling once, the dentist did give me a couple of sample packs of glue that I could use until I returned home. That was handy dandy and of course never needed it!
Didn't you have a leaking washer before? Or was that just a strange piece from something you posted months ago? Good luck with your cap fix.
by: jmirz on 08/05/18
I saved the cap and will take to dentist when DH and I ‘migrate’ in September; as long as I keep area clean it should be ok but I’ll talk to the dentist’s office tomorrow and if he wants me to go to my son’s dentist here locally in the north, will do so.
What a great memory you have jmirz! Yes I did have a leaking washing machine some months ago but it was my old one. This is the new one (3 months old)and we’re doing some trouble shooting on it presently. It may be the cold water hose (DH tightened where it connects to cold water supply faucet because outside felt wet) but the verdict is still out until we run a couple of small loads through it. never fails this stuff happened before Family and friends come in this week...BUT I will enlist help from them to help DH and I to move the machine ( a 1-piece washer-dryer combo ) to check out the hoses inside machine if need be....have no problem asking for help....
.susieq, I hope it isn’t spreading. I wonder, if it is communicable, if your dryer ‘virus’ is spreading indirectly through EMS chat somehow and humans are immune but we are ‘carriers’ that give it to the machines...OR
Could it be like the ‘Terminator’ movies that the machines are getting smarter than humans and are benignly ‘sucking us into a feeling of security and comfort’ UNTIL THEY ATTACK!!! Watch out ladies!!!! Any news reports of washers leaking water and then intentionally unground themselves when you step in the puddle and touch their metal bodies...or dryer turns itself off, waits for you to reach in for that last dry sock far back in the dryer drum and then suddenly turn themselves on when you have your arm and shoulder inside...or, or.... your leaning over into the washer to get that small washcloth in the bottom and the lid comes down forcefully, knocking you unconscious, whereas your head falls forward into the washer which turns its ‘Water Fill Level’ to X-large while the washer lid tightens down on your neck to keep you from getting out.
by: Bermuda on 08/05/18
My H lost half of a tooth eating popcorn... won't pay for root canal and fixing at this time... he'll surely pay for it later though!
by: momcat25 on 08/05/18
Bermuda, good luck with this tooth thing...and also the washer. Sounds to me like between everything going on and company coming your stitching time is being "whittled away!!! Are you still working on the large picture for your son? I kind of lost track of what you are currently doing. I hope the rest of summer goes well!! I took a break from Angel of the Sea and went back to a whole different color palette ....Santa of the Forest.
by: jerseycrafter on 08/05/18
You have two large WIP patterns that you are working on also Jersey. Would like to see how far you’ve gotten with them!
Yes, I’m working on the Artecy pattern ‘Iwo Jima’ for our son. He requested me to cross Stitch over a year ago but I think HE thinks I forgot about it. I have about a year and a half to work on it but did not bring it up North when We ‘migrated’ to keep it clean, since our northern place is more dusty, insecty, etc. and so I will start working on it when we migrate South in the fall.
by: Bermuda on 08/05/18
Bermuda, call your dentist in the morning, and get that cap re-installed ASAP (you've been around the military long enough to know what that means) Your teeth can shift so that your cap won't fit right causing more headaches. I can tell you this from experience - not only pain in the mouth, but real pain in the wallet!
by: marshalr on 08/05/18
Bermuda...Stephen King...killer cycle...
by: VCESS on 08/05/18