Floss to Spare
I teach cross stitch to young students in historical settings and was wondering if anyone has DMC floss they no longer want and are willing to donate. I hunt yard sales, thrifts, etc but am always in need of floss.
Posted by: lajamaru on 08/05/18

i have two small packs of floss I was given by Fox International from whom I often buy kits and patterns. If you would liike then email me with your address and I will send over to you.
by: deirdre on 08/05/18
"...in historical settings"? Youth only?
by: VCESS on 08/05/18
Yes, V. I do mine at McDonald's and am not too worried about age. Some are pushing 80! :)

I have a boatload of floss but no longer mail it to people. I donate locally. Less hassle. These days one has to be careful about giving out addresses.
by: Texas Stitcher on 08/06/18
I believe I can help out...what colours are you looking for? And quantities? Please email me your name, address and any other details of what you are looking for. I also have fabric, specialty threads, patterns etc. from an online business I had a few years ago.
by: Vivienne on 08/06/18
Tex, you're teaching stitching at Mickie Ds?
by: VCESS on 08/06/18
deirdre how do I reach you to give you the info? I would love to have the floss
by: lajamaru on 08/06/18
Vivienne how can I reach you via email to give you more information?
by: lajamaru on 08/06/18
I am with vcess on this. Youth only and historical settings? Creeps me out a bit. I will keep my extra floss and kits. Congratulations if this is what you do to pass on the stitching bug, if this is a scam to get addresses from people, shame on you. I won't post on this particular post again. Deirdre and Vivienne I would use caution on giving out your addresses, it is up to you but I find this kind of post strange. Why not just ask ECS if they would like to donate or other sites, why ask random people? Weird, I am not a very trusting person when it comes to this. I would donate but I would do it to local charity.
by: Nettie on 08/06/18
this is not a scam and I do teach to anyone who is interested but it is mostly young people at historical homes and museums that my work is themed to
by: lajamaru on 08/06/18
email me at vhmontag@look.ca
by: Vivienne on 08/06/18