Do you have a robot vacuum?
and to keep this topic relative to cross-stitch...think how much more time we will have to cross-stitch or spend on other hobbies, if a robot vac is vacuuming for us. :-)

Any thoughts to a robot vac? I'm pondering but there is such a large price swing. Current model Roombas are $600 and up. I'm seeing cheaper ($200 ish) brands, but don't know if they are really any good. So many fake reviews in the internet.

Little is 2450 sq ft, 1/3 each carpet (low pile but dense), hardwood and tile. Two adults, 1 short hair indoor dog. House is new, with 'natural' landscaping. Right now there is lots of dirt, eventually there will be pasture grass but no real yard.

Another consideration is that we do not have Wi-Fi. We run internet off our cell phones via a hotspot. Several robovacs use Wi-Fi and I don't know if running w/o Wi-Fi is possible.

Posted by: MarzHere on 08/08/18
Hi, my daughter has one. I know it did not cost 600. I will be over there tomorrow and we will get the name and make of it for you to research. It does a good job on carpet and hardwood.
by: surt8511 on 08/08/18
I know people who have had them, not sure which ones they have had. They liked them from what I have heard, except they won't do steps and one story I heard was it chased the cat because it was trying to clean up after it because of the fur, sorry but that would have been right up my alley for funniest home videos. She had a Maine coon and I love cats but I would have laughed my buns off. 😂 I don't know about WiFi but I do know you can program them to not chase and I know they can be programmed for a certain rooms. That is the extent of my knowledge since I don't own one myself but I would like one, unfortunately we have a cat and steps.
by: Nettie on 08/08/18
I know some cats that could use the exercise...maybe you could put mouse ears on it and the cat could chase the vac. Wonder if they are pet safe if the cat catches it... 😊
by: VCESS on 08/09/18
We have neither cats nor steps, so good there. I was reading review on Amazon for a particular the Q&A section, someone asked how much slower it would go if there was a five pound cat sitting on it :-) Been seeing in several reviews that pets and small kids dislike/run from them. Not sure what my dog would think. She tends to stay in my office with me, while I work. I'd have to run it in the office when I'm not working, so we would be in the living room or outside then.
by: MarzHere on 08/09/18
Marz, my mom had one=no wifi. She liked using it in the kitchen and dining area. I think she really liked having it and my aunt not having it. (sisters)
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18
was at my daughter and son-in law's for almost 3 months and they have one, sorry I don't remember what brand. They have hardwood floors on the first floor with an area rug under the table in the dining area off the kitchen. We have a dog and they do not. I swear short haired dogs shed more than long haired ones so it was great on keeping the dog's hair in check. When it worked that is! You need to program them but I do not think you need WIFI to do it. They had their's set to vacuum between 3 - 4 AM so the floors would be clean when they got up in the morning. More times then not it would stop running at some point and it would not find it's way back to it's plug the port in and the robot is suppose to return to the port when it is done. They have a half bath on the first floor and if they forgot to make sure the door was closed before going to bed they almost always found it in there. It would accidentally close the door and could not get out. They also had to make sure their furniture was high enough....the sectional sofa.....or it would get stuck under it. I know they did not buy top of the line, I think they said they paid about $300 for it. Perhaps the more expensive ones work better.
by: micolochick on 08/09/18
Have you heard of They have a Roomba 685 model on sale right doesn't say anything about having to use WiFi. Give it a look.

My MIL has one and she loves it....has been trying to talk me into one but I haven't quite made up my mind.
by: riosbogie19 on 08/09/18
It's always *good* to have better toys than others, lol.

Never thought about it shutting itself into the bathroom, but I can see that happening if it pushed it's way behind the door, causing it to shut. Will have to remember that. Sofas are recliner type, so they tend to sit close to the floor. Maybe an inch or so open space. I've dust mopped two times this week already, amazed that the dog (or me) even have any hair left.

I just checked out QVC, they have several models. Thanks, I have more data to analyze.
by: MarzHere on 08/09/18
For $600 shouldn't they jump up and move the furniture to sweep behind it and under it? And make breakfast? And they don't even do the furniture? You have to buy another $600 vacuum to get the pet hair off the furniture? We're in the wrong racket! How much is it to buy one vacuum and hire someone to operate it? 😊
by: VCESS on 08/10/18
I have a LOT of dog hair and thought those would need emptied (just like my vacuum) before getting the room done. No?
by: lhogan57 on 08/10/18