cross stitching on linen
I am back into stitching after being away from many years. When I came back to it, everything is being stitched on linen. So I tried it and I am having such a hard time! I literally cannot see where I am supposed to go. I use extra strength glasses and a bright floor lamp over my work. Any tricks/suggestions or is it just a "keep trying" thing?
Posted by: kimwags on 08/08/18
Something that helps me is to have a towel that is a contrasting colour to the fabric (I use black for white/light fabrics and a white towel for dark fabrics) over my lap. It makes the holes "pop" out a bit more, which helps when you're using super fine linen or evenweave where it can be a bit difficult to pick out. Other times I've placed a small lamp on the floor so it shines through (under) my work.
by: craftydivakat on 08/08/18
What count is the linen you are using now? 28- count? 32-count?
Cross stitching should be a pleasure for you, not a torture test. I would suggest you consider the following:
1) use a 14 count aida fabric that will be easier on your
eyes and stitch ‘over one’ square.
2 ) To determine what the finished size will be with
different fabric counts, divide you stitch count by the
Fabric count you want to use.
EXAMPLE: I have a pattern that is 200 Wide x 300 High
I want to stitch it ‘over one’ on 14- count
aida, so 200 divided by 14 = 16 inches wide
300 divided by 14 = 21. 6 inches high
3) keep in mind that if a pattern says they use 28-count
fabric ‘over 2’, you will have the SAME finished size
project IF YOU STITCH THE PATTERN ON 14-count aida
Fabric ‘over one’.
4) use an EVENWEAVE fabric such as 25 -count Lugana or
28-count Jobelan; evenweave will allow your X’s to be
The same height and width because the fabric threads
are all the same width vertically and horizontally.
Hope this helps. :)

by: Bermuda on 08/08/18
Same problem. I recently bought a magnifier/led lamp for $79.00 and am still getting the hang of it. I pretty much stay clear of linen and 28 count etc. I started stitching on 18 count and 14-16 count. I love the look of others work on the linen, etc. but when given a choice of giving up on stitching altogether, I chose to stitch on my terms. We have a saying that there are no cross stitch police and I embrace it. If you are dead set on working on linen, just keep on trying. I, too, am returning after quite a while from stitching. I used to stitch models for a brick and mortar shop and I don't know why I quit for so long. Other stitchers have various ways to aid their eyesight and I am sure they will share their ideas. Not one way right, another way wrong. What is great, however, I enjoy all the new colors-bright red, turquoise, orange,etc. It is fun getting to choose count/color. My name is Pam and I am a stitcher in this chat room. ECS has provided us this chat room and we not only talk about stitching, but also important things like recipes, trips, and all the Important things in the world. I probably used up all my words for the week, but welcome. Peace. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 08/08/18
My "trick" is to try not to make yourself crazy...oops! Too late. You don't mention a count, so I assume it's a killer-32, or higher. But "everything" is NOT being stitched on linen...just seems that way because it's suggested A LOT. You can make things a lot easier by first, doing an easy, small pattern on a lower count evenweave fabric to kind of teach yourself the ins and outs of over 2 don't play Mozart before learning the scales. OR, second, try a higher count aida, 16 or 18. Suit yourself as to color, but dark colors tend to make me throw things and that scares the cats. 😊

You might try angling the light or add another lamp on the other side. I have an adjustable floor model Ott light. And finally, I promise, I have flip-up magnifiers on a pair of reading glasses...they aren't expensive and aren't as scary looking as some devices. I tried a floor model magnifier, fancy with LED lighting, and nearly destroyed my neck having to realign my vision after glancing at the pattern, or tv, or checking phone ID. 😊

Oh, and WELCOME! 😊
by: VCESS on 08/09/18
I have discovered 18 -20 count linen and just love it for rustic type samplers or any project with no half stitches. Colours are limited, mostly neutrals, but the holes seem a bit bigger. Two threads cover well. It is quite a stiff fabric which makes it easy to hold.
Good luck and enjoy.

by: transhop on 08/09/18
You learn something every day. I had no idea that linen came in that count and will have to get some and try it. I just love the look of linen. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18
I have stitched for 40 years and aida was all we used to have. I have tried linen, jobelan and lugana and I just don't like them. Yes, the finished result is very nice but they are hard to stitch on. If I have to do a stitch 2 stitches away from the last one, I have to count and count to make sure I don't get 1/2 stitch off. I just gave up and went back to my good old aida. Our hobby is supposed to be fun, not frustrating!
by: VivianH on 08/10/18
Hi Kim, I’m stitching on linen and have a black place mat on the table under it.

by: Marydenmark on 08/12/18
Hi, Kim! I would agree with everything Bermuda listed.. To make it as easy as possible, just remember stitching on linen involves a square of 3 holes up and 3 holes across. The center hole is always empty, unless you are doing quarter stitches. Sometimes the fibers are uneven, some being really thin and some extra thick. That's normal. Just take it slow and you'll do fine.

This is my first post on Chit Chat. I'm retired and have been doing some kind of needlework since I was 8 years old. I hope to chat with many stitchers here.
by: susiebelle7 on 08/12/18
See my welcome on ‘Bone Tired’ chat...😃
by: Bermuda on 08/12/18