Ok stitchers I have a conundrum
I want to buy cherry kitten but it comes in two flavors. One doesn't have a background and one does. I like both. Which one do you guys think is better? I asked my co worker and she thinks the one with no background is cuter.
Posted by: Nettie on 08/09/18
With background. I know I could buy the one with the background and just leave it out if I so choose but I would like your opinions. I need this like i need another hole in my head but I stumbled across it while looking at my wish list today and had forgotten I had added it...lol I love it and think it is to cute.😁
by: Nettie on 08/09/18
I'd take the easy way out and buy a hand-dyed blue fabric. Some are nice and blotchy (?) and resemble clouds. But it all depends on how much stitching you want to do.
by: transhop on 08/09/18
Nettie, There is a 14-count Aida fabric called Vintage Blue Whisper which would work with this pattern. Very cute pattern.
by: maubennett on 08/09/18
Thanks transhop and maubett I never thought of that, great idea! 😀
by: Nettie on 08/09/18
I like the one with background better, the idea of using blue fabric and especially the Blue Whisper would be perfect! Less stitching!
Now I'm thinking this should go on my list, since I like cats and this is cute!
by: marym on 08/09/18
I have a question. Has anybody ever cheated while stitching ie a project and you are using white aida and there is a patch that is white, do you just backstitch that area and treat the white area as if it were stitched? BTW I love the Blue Whisper.
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18
I too would buy the blue background fabric. It brings out the kitten even more. I have done that several times with projects especially when they call for white fabric and then stitch all the background in a solid color. Waste of time in my book so just buy colored fabric of the background.

You can always add the white clouds to the blue fabric background.

Love the pattern.
by: syagel on 08/09/18
Kristi, when you get a chance could you list the supplies needed for this pattern, the one with the background in case I want just stitch the clouds. Thanks so much.
by: Nettie on 08/09/18
I like the one with the background. I wonder if the background is done in half stitches. Sometimes designers do that.
by: judy.boatman on 08/09/18
Pam - that's not cheating, that's creative license. My only thought would be 'where' it would be. If it's in the middle of other stitches, I would prefer to have the stitches there, so the texture and dimension is consistent in that area. But, if it's free floating someplace, then I would strongly consider doing only the outlining.
by: MarzHere on 08/09/18