Paleeeeze put the stitching down
Not exactly subtle.
Posted by: Jaj on 08/09/18
mom please pay attension to me. how cute makes you want to snuggle and kiss his head
by: susieq on 08/09/18
When my cat wants my attention she just jumps in my lap. Good thing she knows not to play with the floss.
by: rosemiller09 on 08/09/18
If you don't put that cross stitch down I am going to do something VERY BAD!!!!!
by: deirdre on 08/09/18
Too cute! Rose my cat jumps onto my lap then sits on my pattern when she wants me to😺😸
by: Nettie on 08/09/18
Nettie, I did not train my cat she started doing this the first time I set down and started to stitch when she was only about 4 months old.
by: rosemiller09 on 08/09/18
She is a beautiful dog. Her coat just shines! And I love her eyes-the window to the soul.
by: pamelastine11 on 08/09/18
What a sweetheart! How can you resist that outstretched paw.....
by: craftydivakat on 08/09/18
Awww I want a dog so bad but sadly the parental units don't want to put up with the hair and also think that they will be the ones taking care of it. They are probably right. lol
by: carissalindsey30 on 08/10/18
Were you getting frustrated and she SAVED you?
by: lhogan57 on 08/10/18
Cute picture! I think Mable should have put her paw onto the cross stitch pattern to really tell you to pay attention to her!
by: djrb7213 on 08/10/18